Barakhamba Metro Station: Route Map And Overview

Urbanisation in India is taking place at a rapid rate. This has caused many issues in our country, with one of the major problems being lousy traffic congestion. Consequently, people are starting to favour public transport for their daily commute over private vehicles since it is much more convenient and reliable.  

The metro has become a desirable option. Many networks of metros have sprung up around India, connecting towns to cities and regions to each other. This makes travelling far more accessible than ever before. In addition, its affordable and comfortable journey further adds to the appeal. All these factors allow people to access transportation quickly and effectively. 

Barakhamba Metro Station

About Delhi Metro:

The Delhi Metro has come a long way since it began operating. Connecting the capital of India and its neighbouring cities, it has become a lifeline of the country’s public transportation system. However, stations span the entire city, making every landmark and area inaccessible to the riders.

This form of transportation has become highly profitable, bringing in considerable revenue to DMRC – Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, making it one of the few government enterprises that make money. Moreover, such popularity among commuters has led to 28 million people boarding the train daily, which makes for quite a crowd! 

However, DMRC is constantly expanding and updating its network to reach even further, considering its riders’ comfort. For example, Chattarpur metro station is located near several significant landmarks, making it the perfect stop for many travellers. Furthermore, it has also been included in Delhi’s ambitious plan for further expansion. 

Barakhamba Metro Station-Overview:

On December 30th, 2005, Delhi was graced with a significant accomplishment-the opening of Barakhamba Metro Station. This newly built station was the work of the Shapoorji Pallonji Group and has been a landmark in the area ever since.

As one of Delhi’s first underground metro stations, the Barakhamba station has set a high bar for modern infrastructure. Commuters from nearby and afar take advantage of the conveniently located station to get to their destinations quickly and without hassle.

The architecture and interior of the station reflect the prestige of the location. Commuters can expect a smooth journey when visiting the station with ornate stonework on the walls and roof, high-end light fixtures, and marble floors. Additionally, the station has art installations, with work from up-and-coming artists showcased in the common area.

As the years go by, the Barakhamba Metro Station has become an increasingly popular attraction in Delhi. Thanks to its innovative design and central location, it has proved ideal for tourists, local shoppers, business owners and commuters.

Barakhamba Metro Station-At A Glance:

  • Station Name: Barakhamba Metro Stop
  • Station Code: BRKR
  • Station Structure: Underground, Double Track
  • Opened on: 30th December 2005
  • Location: Blue Line
  • Owned By: Delhi Metro
  • Disability Access: Yes
  • Address: Barakhamba Road, Dwarka Sector 21, Noida City Centre, Vaishali
  • Contact Info: 011-23325269/ 8800793169

Barakhamba Metro Station-Location:

Barakhamba Metro Station is located on the Blue Line of the Delhi Metro. This station was constructed by the Shapoorji Pallonji Group and is situated on the famous Barakhamba Road. Here, travellers can find the iconic Statesman House and Modern School.

The Statesman House is a prestigious landmark that houses many banks, offices, the Oxford Bookstore, and other commercial institutions. Those looking for a complete station address should note that it is Fire Brigade Lane, Barakhamba, New Delhi, 110001.

Barakhamba Metro Station-Route Map:

The Barakhamba Metro Station is a significant stop along the Delhi Metro’s Line 3. This station is preceded by Mandi House station, and the two lines diverge from there, one leading to Noida Electronic City and the other heading to Vaishali.

On the opposite side of Barakhamba is the Rajiv Chowk stop, from where the Metro Line goes to Dwarka Sector 21. As such, this station is an important interchange station, with trains arriving from and departing in both directions. 

Barakhamba Metro station is also well connected with several public transport systems, making it easier for people to move around the city. Bus, autorickshaws, taxis, e-rickshaws, cycle rickshaws and the new metro feeder buses all stop at the station, enabling travellers to access their preferred mode of transport without much trouble.

Barakhamba Metro Station-Entry & Exit Gates: 

Passengers of the Barakhamba Metro can enter or exit the metro through Gate 1, located at Metro Bhavan. Additionally, Gate 2 is located at Kanchanjunga Building, Gate 3 at Dcm Building, Gate 4 at Inderprakash and Vijay Building, Gate 5 at Narayan Manjil and Gate 6 at New Delhi House.

Barakhamba Metro Station-Distance To Popular Places:

Delhi, the capital city of India, houses some popular tourist attractions close to Barakhamba Road. 

  • Delhi Airport: The first one is the Delhi Airport, officially known as Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI), which serves international and domestic passengers and is one of the busiest airports in the country. To reach the airport, one needs to board a train towards Dwarka Sector 21, platform 2 on the blue line, followed by Samaypur Badli, platform 2 on the yellow line and Dwarka Sector 21, platform 22 on the orange line. This journey will take up to 31 minutes and cover 17 km. 
  • Delhi Aerocity: Another attraction is the Delhi Aerocity, a luxury abode built near Indira Gandhi International Airport, mainly used by travellers with extended layovers. The route to Delhi Aerocity is similar to the one followed by the airport. This includes boarding the train from Barakhamba Road, heading towards Dwarka Sector 21, Platform 2 on Blue Line, Samaypur Badli, Platform 2 on Yellow Line, and Dwarka Sector 21, Platform 2 on the Orange line.
  • AIIMS: AIIMS, which stands for All India Institute of Medical Sciences, is a premier institute in the country for higher education and research. To reach AIIMS from Barakhamba Road, one needs to take a train to Dwarka Sector 21, Platform 2 on Blue Line. After that, they must take a second train to HUDA City Centre, Platform 1 on the Yellow Line. This 8 km journey would take around 15 minutes.
  • India Gate: India Gate is a 42 m high war memorial, built on the Rajpath in the shape of the ‘Arc-De-Triomphe’ and situated at the crossroads. It commemorates the lives of 70,000 Indian soldiers who fought and died in World War I while fighting for the British. To reach the monument, take the train to Noida Electronic City 1, Platform 1 on Blue Line and get down at Pragati Maidan Stop. This would involve 3 stations, a total distance of 3 km and a wait time of 6 minutes.
  • Parliament Museum: Lastly, the Parliament Museum is near the New Parliament House and the Central Secretariat. It was set up in 1989 and documented the evolution of democratic institutions and democracy in India through various historical artefacts. To visit the Parliament Museum, one needs to get down at Patel Chowk Metro Station Stop. This museum is open to visitors from Tuesday to Saturday.

Barakhamba Metro Station-Distance To Nearby Landmarks:

The Barakhamba Metro Station in Delhi has numerous interesting landmarks situated close by. 

  • The closest educational institute is Modern School Barakhamba Road, 2 kilometres away.
  • Narian Manzil Mini Garden is an attractive tourist spot located 1.4 kilometres away from the station. 
  • For local excursions, travellers can visit Jantar Mantar Road (1.8 km) or Central Park (1.3 km) from Barakhamba.
  • Transportation services can be accessed from Super Bazar, 500 meters away, and Statesman House, found 1.3 kilometres from the station.
  • If one is looking for a luxurious stay, The Lalit New Delhi, a renowned 5-star hotel, is located only 1.1 kilometres away from the station.

Barakhamba Metro Station-Nearby Restaurants:

If you’re looking for a quick bite near the Barakhamba Metro stop, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. 

  • First up is Oko Pan Asian Restaurant. This restaurant is only a mere 400 metres away from the Metro stop. It serves authentic Pan Asian food from China, Thailand and more!
  • For traditional Indian food, Foodieez Arunachal Building is the perfect option. It is just 1 kilometre away from the Barakhamba Metro stop. Moreover, you can find both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes on their menu. 
  • Ghoomar Traditional Thali Restaurant is 950 metres away and provides the best thalis with sumptuous North Indian and South Indian delights. 
  • For lip-smacking North Indian dishes, you can check out Ganesh Restaurant, which is 4.3 kilometres from the metro stop. The mouthwatering delicacies and fantastic service at the restaurant are worth the drive.
  • Delhi Darbar Dhaba is ideal if you want something more traditional and desi. You can find this restaurant at a distance of 1.1 kilometres away. With mouthwatering food and affordable prices, it’s a great spot to stop by. 

No matter your craving, you’ll find a great restaurant near Barakhamba Metro stops to grab a quick bite!

Barakhamba Metro Station-Nearby Properties:

Barakhamba Road, near the Barakhamba Metro Station, is a popular property hotspot in Delhi. It has all the necessary features one looks for while buying or renting properties in the city. The well-maintained roads, several commercial complexes and other prominent landmarks make this locality prime. 

The average cost of a property in the locality is Rs. 43,000 per sq foot, and 4 BHK properties can cost around Rs. 8 crores. Nearby localities of Barakhamba Road include Janpath Connaught Place, Connaught Place and Jantar Mantar Road. Currently, two projects, namely Kailash Nilgiri Flat and Narain Manzil, are on this road. 

The property trends for purchase or investment around Barakhamba Metro Station range from 20 lakhs to 40 lakhs for 50% of the properties and go up to 5 crores or above for another 50%. The property types vary in the locality- 69% is Apartment, 6% is Commercial Shops, and 13% are Others. 

For rental purposes, Barakhamba Road is also an attractive location, mainly because of its Commercial Office Space which accounts for 95%, followed by Co-working Spaces (3%) and Commercial showrooms (2%). Thus, this locality can offer attractive and safe property purchase or rental opportunities.

Delhi Metro-Safety Tips And Guidelines:

Delhi Metro is a secure and convenient mode of transportation in the Delhi metropolitan area. However, following a few essential tips and guidelines for a comfortable journey is important. 

  • One must have a valid token or a smart card to access the station. Follow this rule to avoid a fine of Rs. 50. 
  • Eating, smoking and drinking in any metro station or inside the train are prohibited and attract a fine of Rs.200. 
  • For the convenience of passengers, metro stations provide a smart card with a minimum cost of Rs.100. Rs.50 is a non-refundable charge, while the rest is your fare.
  • Strictly prohibited items such as flammable substances, firearms and explosives are not permitted and can attract a prison sentence of up to four years and a fine of Rs. 5000. 
  • Pets are also prohibited from travelling in the metro, and the maximum baggage weight should not exceed 15kg.
  • Furthermore, certain metro seats are reserved for women, children and the elderly, so one should always offer their seat in need. 

By keeping in mind these safety rules and guidelines, the journey on the Delhi Metro will become even safer and more comfortable for everyone.


Barakhamba Metro Station, located in the city’s heart, has been integral to Delhi’s transportation system since 2005. Its excellent connectivity has benefited many, making visiting some of Delhi’s most iconic sites, such as Jantar Mantar, Parliament Building and India Gate.

Due to its central location and the convenience of the metro, many people are now considering investing in properties in and around Barakhamba Road. Those looking for a secure neighbourhood with excellent facilities should give Barakhamba Road a shot. With all its benefits, it is becoming one of the top areas in Delhi for real estate investments.

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