Delhi Airport Metro Route, Fare: Everything You Need to Know

As we know that Delhi’s metro network is one of the biggest networks among the other metro cities. And Delhi Metro connects to all the major parts of the capital city of India.
It has the most daily travelers on the metro and the busiest routes of the Metro.

Delhi Airport Metro

In this article, we will read further about a unique route of the Delhi Metro ie. The Delhi Airport Metro Line plays a key role in connecting two major places in the city.
The Delhi Airport metro service connects the Railway Station of the capital city with the International Airport. The metro was rolled out to connect directly between the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) and the Railway Station.

Therefore this special line of the Delhi metro is also called the Airport Express or Orange Line, or simply the Airport Metro. This metro connects the New Delhi metro station on the Yellow line with the Dwarka Sector 21 metro station and connects to the IGI airport in New Delhi en route.

Delhi Airport Metro- Key Highlights:

Here are some key highlights of the Delhi Airport Metro that are as follows:


DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation)

Started operations In

January 2013

Number of stations


Metro line length 

22.7 km


First train at 04:45 am and last train at 11:15 pm

Minimum and Maximum fare

Rs 10 and Rs 50


Colossal baggage x-ray scanners
Explosives detectors
Quick Reaction Teams (QRTs)
under-vehicle scanners
Feeder Bus Service
Cloak Room facilities
QR Code based ticketing


For flight information
24 X 7 Helpline
0124-4797300 or 0124–6838410 (Domestic Callers)
+91-124-4797300 or +91-124-6838410 (International Callers)

These are some key highlights of the Airport Metro, Delhi, for the commuters easy travel with full information.

Airport Metro Route- Lists Of Airport Metro Stations:

The Airport Metro, Delhi, has both elevated and underground metro stations. The Dhaula Kuan metro station is currently an elevated metro station; the rest are underground in the Airport Metro Route.

Here are the lists of stations that are covered by the Delhi Airport Metro route:

Sr No

Airport Metro Station Name

Opening Date

Interconnecting Metro Station/Line

Layout of the Metro Station


New Delhi Metro Station

23rd February 2011

New Delhi Railway Station/ Yellow Line of Delhi Metro



Shivaji Stadium Metro Station

23rd February 2011




Dhaula Kuan Metro Station

15th August 2011

Pink Line (Connects at Durgabai Deshmukh South Campus)



Delhi Aerocity Metro Station

15th August 2011

Silver Line Metro (Phase 4 under-construction)



IGI Airport Metro Station

23rd February 2011

IGI Airport T3



Dwarka Sector 21 Metro Station

23rd February 2011

Blue Line (Connects at Dwarka Sector 21)


The Airport Line of the Delhi Metro is being extended to the ECC Center in Dwarka Sector 25 area, and the process is in its Final phase and will be soon ready.

Airport Metro- Flight Check-in Facilities:

The Airport Metro has been designed in such a way that the overall time travel of the passengers is saved, and the journey beings without any hurdles. The Airport Metro has installed the baggage check-in facility to achieve the results mentioned above, it has been provided at two stations ie. New Delhi metro station and Shivaji Stadium Metro Station.

Therefore the passenger and the baggage check-in facility are provided at least 2 hours in advance and a maximum of 12 hours before the scheduled flight departure.

Here are some flight schedules and the metro stations that provide the Baggage check-in facility with their other details as well:


Metro Stations offering city check-in facility

New Delhi Metro Station on Airport Express Line

Opening Time of the Counter


Closing Time of the Counter


Shivaji Stadium Metro Station (On the Airport Express Line)

Counter Opening Time


Counter Closing Time



Name of the Airlines offering city check-in

Air India


06:00 Hrs

06:00 Hrs

21:00 Hrs

20:00 Hrs

Air India


06:00 Hrs


21:00 Hrs



Sectors where Airlines operate

All domestic sectors and International sectors


Passenger and Baggage check-in

Minimum of 2 hrs and a Maximum of 12 hrs before the scheduled departure of flight


Customer Care numbers and Website

Air India - 1800 180 1407 For more details, visit

Vistara - +91 928922888, for more details, visit-

Airport Metro- Facilities for the Commuters:

As we know, the Airport Metro is a unique route of the Delhi Metro. It provides many facilities and benefits to the commuters, such as high-security arrangements, this airport metro and the station provide the commuter with a high-class experience.

The Airport Metro Stations are called the “City Airport Terminals.” A state-of-the-art facility like Colossal baggage x-ray scanners, Bomb Detectors, explosive detectors, quick reaction teams (QRTs), under-vehicles scanners, and Dog Squads ensures proper security around the clock.

Therefore all the metro station is under surveillance with CCTV cameras to capture any suspicious movements or acts, which will be tracked immediately.

To ensure full security, the country’s security expert handles the Delhi Metro Airport Route security system and its stations, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF). This Metro is Disabled-friendly ie the disabled can enjoy the facilities provided to them in the metro stations, such as assistance from the metro staff, wheelchairs, and elevators with Braille buttons.

These are some mentioned facilities provided to commuters for a great journey.

Feeder Bus Services:

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited (DMRC) has provided a feeder bus service to give end-to-end connectivity to passengers.
These feeder buses cover the Delhi Aero City metro station to the Indira Gandhi International Airport terminal 3.

QR Code-based Ticketing:

This metro station provides a completely digitalized checking process completely. The Airport metro provides a facility for QR Code based ticketing. This system allows the passengers to book tickets using a mobile application ie. “Ridlr Mobile App” so they can apply for the tickets prior.
The Airport metro station provides QR Code based entry-exit points.

Cloak Room Facilities:

The other best facility that is provided by the Delhi metro is that they give exclusive cloakroom services to passengers who are traveling towards the IGI Airport.
Therefore paid cloakroom facility is available at the New Delhi Metro Station of the Airport Metro Route.

Dedicated Passage:

The New Delhi Railway station gives a dedicated passage to the Airport Line Metro Services so that passengers’ time travel is consumed and direct access to the airport is ensured.

Other Services:

Therefore, in addition to the facilities mentioned above and services. The Ticket vending Machines have been installed at terminal-1D and Terminal-3 of the Indira Gandhi International Airport of New Delhi.
Those passengers who wish to board from the blue line metro can do so at the Dwarka Sector 21.
A traveler has been commissioned at the Dhaula Kuan Metro Station to provide further interconnectivity through the Airport Metro.

Airport Metro Map
The Airport Metro route connects with the yellow line at the New Delhi Metro Station, a prominent station with the yellow line at the Dwarka Sector 21.

Here are the Maps of the Airport Metro

Airport Metro Map:

The Airport Metro route connects with the yellow line at the New Delhi Metro Station, a prominent station with the yellow line at the Dwarka Sector 21.

Here are the Maps of the Airport Metro

Airport Metro Map

Pictorially, the route of Airport Metro can be depicted as-

Delhi Airport Metro

Airport Metro Timings:

The timing and frequency of the metro train differ from rush hours to non-rush hours.
The timings of the Airport Metro are mentioned below:

Peak Hours (Every 10 Minutes)

Dwarka Sector 21 (07:30-19:30)

New Delhi (8:00-20:00)

Non-Peak Hours (Every 15 minutes)



First Train



Second Train



Last Train



This Airport Metro route has initially developed the thought to operate round to clock, as New Delhi is one of the busiest airports, and the Flight schedule remains operational for 24 hours.
Therefore at present, the Airport Timings are 4:45 am in the morning to 11:40 pm at night.

Airport Metro Fares:

  • The Airport is the fastest and very affordable means of travel, as it takes us to the two prime places of Delhi Directly ie. Indira Gandhi International Airport and the New Delhi Railway. The ticket prices at the Airport metro are economical and fixed at Rs.60 from the New Delhi Metro Station to IGI Airport or Dwarka Sector 21.
  • The DMRC has provided a facility for the daily passengers ie a monthly pass. This pass with 30 trips a month costs Rs.1600, and a pass with 45 trips costs Rs.2000.
  • It brings it down to Rs.53 and Rs.44 respectively and saves money for frequent passengers. The passengers can use the Delhi Metro Card on the Airport Expressway Metro route.
  • These passes are in addition to the 10% additional amount provided on the Delhi Metro Smart Card. Simply put, the Airport metro gives the cheapest yet best quality to reach the Airport from the New Delhi Metro Station.

Delhi Airport Metro Express Line- Latest News

  • On January 2023, the DMRC opened a pedestrian Subway from the IGI Airport terminal-1 to Delhi Airport Metro Station.
  • The DMRC has opened a 130 meters long pedestrian subway to benefit commuters, ensure better connectivity, and reduce time travel. The newly constructed subway connects the domestic Delhi airport metro station with the arrival terminal-1 of the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI). The subway is designed beautifully, with various artworks showing the rich culture of the country’s capital city.
  • On 31st October 2022, DMRC informed that it is seeking help from the state and central Government to clear the debt of Rs.7,010.08 crores. The corporation owes dues to Reliance Infra’s Delhi Airport Metro Express Pvt. Ltd.(DAMPEL), which ran the Delhi Airport Metro Express line on Public-Private collaboration.
  • The Delhi Metro sent a financial assistance request in the last week of October 2022, mentioning the poor conditions. Talking about the issue in detail, a senior state Government official said, ‘the File for financial assistance has been sent to the Financial department and will also send to the law department later’.
  • According to the DMRC statement, COVID-19 has affected its revenue over the past two years, therefore, to keep the trains running, the corporation is relying on its reserves.
  • Despite having a surplus of 758 crore rupees in 2019-2020, DMRC still faced a deficit of 1.7484 crore rupees in the last fiscal year.
  • The first quarter of 202-2021 again hit with the massive 2nd wave of COVID-19, which led to shutting down the metro services completely. Therefore in 2020, the national capital reduced its carrying capacity, which resulted in a significant dip of 77% from 3897.3 crore rupees in 2019-2020 to Rs.895.9 crore rupees in 2020-2021.
  • As per the present financial conditions, DMRC thus had no choice but to seek help from both Governments.
  • However, the Delhi High Court has given DMRC 2 weeks to work out the modalities for payment of the dues owed to DAMPEL.
  • DMRC later said that they meet with both governments ie. state and central, on 10th November 2022 to discuss the issue they are facing so that they can come to some solution to fix this problem.

Contact Information- Delhi Metro Airport Line

For any query or feedback regarding the Delhi Airport Metro Route, then the contact information is mentioned below:

For Flight Information

  • 011-61234567

24 x 7 Helpline

  • 0124-4797300 or 0124-6838410 (Domestic Callers)

For international calls

  • +91-124-4797300 or +91-0124-6838410

For Lost and found, the passengers should visit:

Therefore above mentioned are all important numbers regarding the Delhi Airport Metro. So passengers can have easy access to any information or details they also need from the metro customer care centers are also present at the metro station.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the route of the Delhi Airport Metro line?

A: The Delhi Airport Metro line, also known as the Orange Line or Line 8, runs from the New Delhi metro station to Dwarka Sector 21 metro station, with six stations in between. The line covers a distance of approximately 22.7 kilometers and takes 19 minutes to cover the entire stretch. The Delhi Airport Metro line is an important link for commuters traveling between Delhi and the Indira Gandhi International Airport, and it provides a quick and convenient mode of transportation.

Q: What is the frequency of trains on the Delhi Airport Metro line?

A: The trains on the Delhi Airport Metro line operate at a frequency of approximately 10 minutes during peak hours and 15 minutes during off-peak hours. The first train from the New Delhi metro station departs at 4:45 am, while the last departs at 11:30 pm. From Dwarka Sector 21 metro station, the first train departs at 4:45 am, while the last departs at 11:30 pm. Commuters are advised to check the timetable and frequency of trains on the Delhi Airport Metro line to ensure they plan their travel accordingly.

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