How To Get A Metro Card: A Simple Guide

Traveling the metro to purchase tokens can sometimes be hectic because there’s a long line in front of the token vending machine, which can cause Time waste if you are in a hurry.

So to avoid rush hours and long queues, it is better to have a metro smart card. Therefore what is a Metro Smart Card? Metro Cards is a magnetic Stripe card that is used to pay the fare of the metro of the cities which has Metro Rail connectivity.

It is the primary payment method, and these cards have many acceptable benefits elsewhere. For example, for purchasing a bus ticket, you can use Metro Card as a mode of payment for a bus ticket. The idea of introducing the fare card with a magnetic strip which is commonly known as the Metro Card was proposed in 1983 by the MTA system.

The aim of having a metro card was to replace the token system, and it had massive support. Therefore on April 1993, the farecard received an official name called ‘Metro Card’ and was launched in 1993. On 1st June 1993, MTA distributed 3000 cards to the public of New York to test the technology in the subway and bus systems.

How To Apply For A Metro Card?

How to get a Metro Card 3

Here we will follow some steps to apply for or get the metro card. The steps are:

  1. Visit any nearby metro station to purchase a metro card.
  2. Then go to the customer care center, which is presented inside the metro station.
  3. Then at the customer care center, ask the person in charge about purchasing of the metro card.
  4. Then you will receive the metro according to your preferred amount, such as Rs.150, Rs.200, Rs.500, etc.

Now that you have purchased your metro card, you can easily travel without standing in long queues for hours and reaching your destination on time.

Purchase Form:

  • Customer Care Center at the metro station
  • Or smart card vending machine
  • The amount of buying the metro cards is Rs.150, with Rs.50 as a security deposit plus Rs.100 as added value.

Benefits Of Having A Metro Card:

Here are some benefits you can get with the metro card as well as a smooth journey on the metro train. The benefits are:

  • You can avoid long lines during peak hours at the metro station
  • Metro cards are very time-consuming because you can save so much more time than a token with one tap.
  • The passengers have the freedom of choice of originating and destination station.
  • On every journey with the metro smart card, the passengers will get a minimum of 10% discount
  • These metro cards are not only used in the metro, but you can use them in DTC, Cluster, and metro feeder buses.

The benefits mentioned above are very worthwhile, and the metro cards are also very affordable to purchase as it is also helping is saving up if the passengers travel daily.

How To Recharge Your Metro Card?

How To Recharge Metro Card

Now we will discuss the most important part after purchasing the metro card, recharging it plays a key role. When your balance is less, then how will you recharge your card? Here are some proper steps to recharge, which are very easy to understand and accessible.
The details about recharging the metro smart card are as follows:

  • Visit any metro station nearby, and then you can recharge it from the customer care center, AVM, or the ticket vending machine.
  • Put the card inside the AVM, and TVM, then enter your card details, like the metro card number, which is imprinted on your metro card.
  • Then the amount of recharger will be shown on the machine’s drop-down list on the display screen like Rs100, Rs.200, etc.
  • Select your preferred amount of recharge.
  • Then recharge it by choosing from the modes of payment available on the metro card recharge machines.
  • If you want to recharge your metro card through customer care, give your card to the person in charge along with the recharge amount, i.e., from a minimum of Rs.200 to a Maximum of Rs.1000.
  • Then they will recharge it for you and hand you over the card fully recharged.

How To Recharge Your Card Online?

  • Visit the official portal of the metro rail corporation of your city/state or via Paytm.
  • Then click on the “metro” then tap “recharge.”
  • Enter your metro card details like Name, Email ID, Mobile Number, and engraved metro card number.
  • Then click submit to proceed with the payment.
  • Choose your way of payment to pay the recharge amount according to your preference.
  • Then wait for the transaction to be completed. Once done, go to the metro station to get it Topped up from AVM or the Top-Up machine.

Prices Of The Recharge By Delhi Metro Rail Corporation:

1. At Customer Care:

  • The minimum value is Rs. 200
  • After that in multiple is Rs. 100

2. At The Ticket Vending Machine:

  • The minimum value is Rs.100
  • In multiple is Rs. 50

3. Through Debit Card Or Credit Card:

  • The minimum value is Rs.200
  • Thereafter the multiple values is Rs.100.

4. Auto Top-up:

  • These are also issued by selected banks ( check with your bank)
  • Auto top-up from the automatic fare collection gate
  • Therefore, a value of Rs.200/- will be added to your metro card when the balance of the card goes below Rs.100/-


The maximum amount a passenger can recharge his/her metro smart cars is Rs.3000 only and not more than that. Every city has its validity dates issued for the metro smart card. For instance, The Delhi Metro (DMRC) Card is valid for up to ten years from the date of purchase or the last recharge date.

A Metro card is required for people who commute daily from the Metro. We have discussed all the benefits and facilities it provides everyone who owns the metro card, from affordable to time-consuming and used in purchasing bus tickets. If you don’t have a Metro Card yet, what stops you? Hurry up and get yourself a Metro Smart Card and enjoy all the facilities of the Metro Card and travel with great ease in the Metro.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much is a Metro card in India?

I’m planning to get a tourist card, do you happen to know how I can get one? To get a tourist card, you can purchase one at any Customer Care Centre located in the station. A 1-day validity tourist card costs Rs. 200/-, while a 3-day validity tourist card can be purchased at Rs. 500/-. Note that a security deposit of Rs. 50/- is required but refundable.

Is Delhi Metro free for students?

As of now, there aren’t any discounts available for any category of passengers traveling on the Delhi Metro. However, it seems like a technology-based solution has been prepared to help students and senior citizens who use the metro.

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