Majestic Metro Station: Route Map And Location

Majestic is an iconic Bangalore centre, bustling with activity around the clock. This is not surprising considering that Majestic is the busiest railway station in the South Western Railway Zone. Moreover, it has the best connectivity to the other locations in the city.

The Majestic metro station offers easy access to the City Junction Railway Station. Therefore, Metro services are the most convenient for travel to and from the station. Not just this, it also has direct access to Kempegowda Bus Terminal.

When talking about the Majestic metro station, several names come up. The most common is the Nadaprabhu Kempegowda Station, popularly known as the Kempegowda Metro Station.

Majestic Metro Station

Majestic Metro Station: At A Glance

  • Station Name: Majestic Metro Station
  • Station Structure: At Grade
  • Opened On: Sunday, June 18, 2017
  • Operated By: Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL)
  • Preceding and Proceeding stations: Purple line – Magadi Road Metro Station and Sir M. Vishvesharaya Metro Station; Green Line – Sampige Road Metro Station, Chickpet Metro Station
  • Type: Underground
  • Located on: Purple Line Bangalore Metro
  • No. of Platforms: 4
  • Pincode: 560009

Majestic Metro Station-Location:

The Majestic metro station on Tank Bund Road is conveniently positioned between the City Junction Railway Station and the Kempegowda bus terminal. Its complete address is Majestic Metro Station, Tank Bund Rd. Kempegowda, Majestic, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560009. The metro station’s geo-coordinates are 2.975692°N 77.572836°E.

Majestic Metro Station-More Details:

The Majestic metro station is not only the most commonly used station by the people of Bangalore, but it is also one of the most renowned landmarks in the city. Officially known as Nadaprabhu Kempegowda Station, this station is the junction interchange between the Purple Line and the Green Line of the Namma Metro.

It was inaugurated in 2016 and has since been used as a convenient and reliable mode of transport to the railway station and bus terminal. It covers an area of 7 acres, with a built-up surface area of around 48,000 sq. m.

The majestic metro station is impressive because it is the largest underground station in Asia. Its construction began in 2012 and was completed in four years, costing INR 272 crores. 

Inside the station are four levels – the Ground level, UG1, UG2, and UG3 – each offering various facilities. At the Ground level, three entry and exit points (A, B, and C). UG1 group has the fare control office, and the help desk and the platforms for the Purple Line and the Green Line of the Namma Metro can be found on UG2 and UG3 levels, respectively. 

Majestic metro station not only serves as an essential transportation facility in the city of Bangalore but also acts as an iconic symbol of the city’s past and present.

Majestic Metro Station-Facilities:

The Majestic Metro Station in Bangalore is a majestic hub of transport, amenities, and facilities. It provides comfortable travel solutions to all visitors.

  • Elevators and staircases provide seamless access to all parts of the station, making it an excellent option for everyone. Restrooms, too, are clean and hygienic, and there is walkable connectivity to the City Junction Railway Station and Majestic bus terminal.
  • A highlight of this metro station is the multiple customer care desks, ready to assist you with your inquiries. In addition, it has wheelchair-friendly walkways that give visitors easy access and the assurance of a comfortable ride. The station also has ATMs and ticket vending machines that ensure smooth journeys for visitors.
  • The station has clear passenger information display boards for better navigation, letting commuters make well-informed choices. In addition, parking facilities have been allotted for convenience, and there is complete security surveillance for added safety. 

Altogether, Majestic Metro Station provides many features and amenities, making it the go-to destination for comfortable and safe transport.

Majestic Metro Station-Route Map:

The Majestic metro station in Bangalore intersects two metro lines, the Purple Line and the Green Line.

On the Purple Line, the station is nine stops from Baiyappanahalli and twelve stops from Kengeri

On the Green Line, the station is located at the 13th stop from Nagasandra and the 15th stop from the Silk Institute. 

The station enables passengers to transfer from the Purple Line to the Green Line by taking the stairs from Underground 2 to Underground 3. 

Therefore, passengers from any direction on the Purple or Green Lines will have easy access to the Majestic metro station Bangalore for the line-changing.

Majestic Metro Station-Distance To Popular Places:

The Majestic Metro Station in Bangalore is a busy transport hub with people heading off in multiple directions.

  • The City Junction Railway Station, a central railway station, is just 800 meters away, an easily walkable distance. Also, the Majestic bus stand is 300 m away and walkable. 
  • A popular location close to Majestic is the Yeshwanthpur Railway Station, nearly as busy as the City Junction. Commuters must take the Purple Line and ride for 6.4 km, stopping at 7 stations over 14 minutes. 
  • Famously, MG Road is a popular spot, teeming with shops, cafes, and eateries. Travel eastbound on the Purple Line and get to MG Road metro station in 7 minutes.
  • Equally renowned, the Indira Nagar is frequented by youngsters all year round. One can take the Purple Line and be at Indira Nagar in 12 minutes at the end of the 7-station-long ride.
  • Finally, the Green Line brings people to the famous Lalbagh Botanical Gardens. A tourist favorite and a vital office hub, Lalbagh Botanical Gardens is 4 stations away, a 7-minute-ride from Majestic Metro Station.

Majestic Metro Station-Distance To Nearby Landmarks:

Majestic Metro Station in Bangalore stands at the city’s center, offering access to nearby amenities. From its location, a range of distances to famous landmarks has been outlined below:

  • Majestic Bus Terminus is the closest landmark, a mere 300 meters away. A short walk or car ride is all needed to arrive. 
  • For a religious experience, the Hazrat Tawakkal Shah Mastan Dargah is just 1.8 kilometers away, and Orchids the International School stands 2 kilometers away.
  • Those seeking medical attention can access the Srinivasa Hospital, a mere 260 meters from the Metro Station. 
  • The bustling Chickpet Market is a kilometer away, with the famous Pothys Showroom standing 800 meters from the Station. 
  • For outdoor exploration, Freedom Park is 1.4 kilometers from Majestic Metro Station.

Majestic Metro Station-Nearby Restaurants:

The hustle and bustle of the Majestic metro station make it the ideal hub for grabbing a quick bite. Situated in the heart of Bangalore, the station is close to the junction railway station and the bus terminal, providing many eatery options at a walkable distance.

  • Bhuvaneshwar Canteen is located just 170 meters away and serves various local dishes. The inviting aroma of traditional South Indian cuisine will surely draw you in.
  • At 800 meters from the station, there’s Bhairava’s Multi Cuisine Restaurant. Here you’ll find a host of lip-smacking dishes from various cultures. For more Indian flavors, visit Chillies Restaurant, just a few steps away. Balaji Restaurant and IRCTC Food Canteen are also located in the same area. 
  • Try Amulya Veg Restaurant, 700 meters from the station, for delicious vegetarian fare. Last but not least, Rajadhani Family Restaurant is 950 meters from Majestic Metro Station. So no matter your food preferences, the vicinity will have something to tickle your taste buds!

Majestic Metro Station-Nearby Flats And Houses:

There are a few residential layouts for those looking to buy or rent flats and houses near Majestic Metro Station in Bangalore. 

  • Kumar Kino Platinum is the newest construction close to the metro station and has 38 units in a 35000 sq. ft. area. This is 1.4 km from the station and offers all modern luxury amenities for comfortable living. 3 BHK flats here range from INR 2.87 crores to INR 3.04 crores. 
  • Mantri Centrium is another development close to the station, developed by Mantri Developers and situated in Malleshwaram. The single tower has 180 units in a total project area of 2 acres. 
  • DS Max Swiss Castle is located in Malleshwaram and is ready to move in. This is a property by DS Max builders, with 6 units in a total project area of 9500 square feet. 
  • SMR Astra is another property in Malleshwaram, developed by SMR Infra ventures. It is ready to move in, with one tower and 40 units. The prices range between INR 8108 and INR 9333 per sq. ft.

Majestic Metro Station-Commercial Complexes:

The Majestic Metro Station in Bangalore is conveniently situated among many of the city’s critical commercial complexes. 

With the Regional Meter Services (RMS) office at 750 meters away, the Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) Public Relations Office at 300 meters and the Commercial Taxes Head Office at 850 meters, it is an ideal choice for those conducting business in the city. For more banking needs, Mysore Bank is only a 2-kilometre distance. 

No matter your business-related purpose in Bangalore, the Majestic Metro Station provides a prime central location. With access to many of the city’s vital commercial resources, Majestic Metro Station is the optimal starting point for a successful venture in the bustling metropolis of Bangalore.

Majestic Metro Station-Parking:

The majestic metro station in Bangalore offers a spacious parking lot with space for 500 two-wheelers and 82 four-wheelers. The parking charges are very nominal and can be found below.

For two-wheelers, there is a charge of 15 rupees for the first 4 hours, followed by 5 rupees for every additional hour. As a result, the demand for day parking is 30 rupees, while monthly parking is 750.

In comparison, the parking charges for four-wheelers are slightly higher. The initial demand for four-wheelers is 30 rupees for the first 4 hours and 10 rupees for every additional hour. The costs for day parking are 200 rupees, and there are no monthly parking charges for four-wheelers.

So, if you’re headed to the Majestic metro station, you know all the parking details you need!

Tips For Commuters Using Majestic Metro Station:

For commuters who regularly use Majestic Metro Station, here are some valuable tips to make your journey comfortable and hassle-free. 

  • Purchase a smart card: Purchasing one is the best way to travel on the metro. These cards are cost-effective and convenient, as they can be recharged online or at the station. In addition, you no longer need to worry about buying tokens whenever you travel. 
  • Check the train schedule: Knowing the train schedule will save you a lot of hassle and waiting. The timetable can be checked online or at the station, so check it before traveling.
  • Use the designated gates: The correct entry and exit gates are essential for a smooth and efficient boarding process. This way, you can make sure everything runs smoothly and smoothly.
  • Stand in the designated areas: Each platform is divided into designated areas to ensure an organized and efficient boarding process. Therefore, ensuring you are standing in the correct location when the train arrives is essential.
  • Keep the station clean: To keep the station clean and hygienic, always dispose of any waste in the designated bins provided. This will help to maintain the station in its best condition.


The Majestic metro station in Bangalore is one of the most popular transportation hubs in the city. In 2017, it saw an impressive nine lakh footfalls in just 30 days. Since then, its popularity and the number of commuters visiting it have only grown.

The proximity of the Majestic metro station to the City Junction Railway Station and the Majestic bus terminal makes it an excellent destination for travelers, allowing them to seamlessly change from one form of transport to another. This ensures a hassle-free and convenient way to reach their goal in Bangalore. 

For these reasons, the Majestic metro station has become one of Bangalore’s most essential and busiest. It is one of the city’s many success stories, and this station’s success should be applauded.

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