Kaushambi Metro Station: Facilities And Location

Delhi, the capital of India, has a history renowned for its cultural and political importance. It boasts iconic monuments and monuments and is also the educational hub for several universities and the abode of several well-known multinational companies. 

A key point to the efficient transport and economical commute within Delhi is its Metro system, which is an effective traffic and pollution buster. In addition, Kaushambi, the strategically located node at the Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border, is the gateway to Delhi while being a part of the well-planned industrial city of Ghaziabad. 

Kaushambi Metro Station

Several tourists throng the city yearly, accompanied by people migrating from all corners of India for employment and educational opportunities. Moreover, it has one of the country’s most reliable metro networks, making it a comfortable mode of transportation for people commuting from neighboring cities in NCR, such as Faridabad, Noida, Gurgaon, and Ghaziabad. 

Kaushambi Metro Station, located on the Delhi Metro’s Blue Line, is used by thousands of passengers daily. Hence, looking into the amenities the station provides, attractions in its vicinity, nearby eateries, and so on is essential.

Kaushambi Metro Station-Location:

On 14 July 2011, the Kaushambi metro station commenced its operations. This metro station is in Kaushambi, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, with a pin code of 201010. Its exact location can be pinpointed by its longitude and latitude coordinates of 28.645448°N and 77.324379°E.

Kaushambi Metro Station-Route Map:

The Delhi Metro network is known for its modern amenities and commuter convenience. One of its newest branches, the Blue Line, extends over 2.57 kilometers and runs from Anand Vihar station to Dwarka Sector 21. This line offers 10 interchanged stations, each providing an effortless link to the other lines of the Delhi Metro.

Commuters have various options for boarding and alighting at these 10 stops. From Anand Vihar, one can transfer to Karkarduma, then onto Yamuna Bank and Mandi House, which lead to Rajiv Chowk and Kirti Nagar. Rajouri Garden, Janakpuri West, and Dwarka Sector 21 are also part of the network. 

The Delhi Metro network is constantly growing to provide a seamless experience for those traveling to their destinations. This expansion allows people to make journeys without worrying about long distances or congestion. Furthermore, with the addition of the Blue Line, commuters in Delhi have access to one of India’s most convenient transport systems.

Kaushambi Metro Station-Design And Structure:

Kaushambi Metro Station, situated in the Delhi-NCR region, offers a streamlined and well-designed station for its commuters. At street level, it provides easy access with entrance and exit gates and ample parking space for 200 vehicles. 

Upon reaching Level 1, a station agent is available to guide commuters, while automated ticketing systems, metro card vending machines, and a crossover help get around the station quickly. The station also includes Level 2 platforms with two separate tracks. Track 1 is for the Eastbound trains and leads to Vaishali, whereas track 2 is for Westbound trains and connects to Dwarka Sector 21. 

To ensure commuter convenience, the Kaushambi Metro Station provides straightforward navigation with well-marked signboards, direction arrows, and braille information for visually-impaired travelers. With advanced infrastructure, Kaushambi Metro Station offers commuters the convenience and efficiency of modern metro travel.

Kaushambi Metro Station-At A Glance:

  • Station Code: KSHI
  • Station Name: Kaushambi Metro Station
  • Station Structure: Elevated
  • Opened On: 14 July 2011 
  • Operated By: Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited (DMRC)
  • Located on: Blue Branch Line Delhi Metro
  • No. of Platforms: 2
  • Pincode: 201010
  • Preceding Metro Station: Anand Vihar
  • Next Metro Station: Vaishali
  • Gate 1: Opening towards Kaushambi 
  • Gate 2: Opening towards Wave Cinema
  • Contact Info: Email: helpline@dmrc.org; Phone:  8800793235

Kaushambi Metro Station-Facilities:

Kaushambi Metro Station, located in Delhi NCR, offers a wide range of facilities for passengers’ convenience. 

  • The station has three ATMs – RBL Bank, HDFC Bank, and Punjab National Bank – allowing passengers to make quick transactions. For added security, there are CCTV cameras to ensure safety.
  • Furthermore, the station provides a Food & Beverage (F&B) counter operated by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). It is a one-stop shop for refreshments or meals before catching a train.
  • To ensure access for passengers with special needs, the Kaushambi Metro Station offers disabled access. In addition, it provides a bridge, or overbridge, for commuters to quickly and easily reach their train platform.
  • The station also has a convenient bus stop nearby, offering passengers quick and easy transportation options. 

Kaushambi Metro Station has great facilities and amenities, ensuring commuters an easy and stress-free journey.

Kaushambi Metro Station-Distance To Popular Places:

Kaushambi Metro Station in Delhi NCR is an essential hub with links to many popular destinations. 

  • Those planning to visit AIIMS can easily do so by taking a Blue Line train towards Dwarka Sec 21 and then switching at Rajiv Chowk to a Yellow Line train headed towards HUDA City Centre. A total of 18 stations will be crossed, and the distance is 19 km.
  • To travel to IGI Airport, one has to board the same Blue Line train and change at Rajiv Chowk station for a Samaypur Badli-bound train on the Yellow Line. Then take an Orange Line train from New Delhi station and another from Dwarka Sec 21 station to reach the destination. A distance of 28 km is to be covered, with 16 stations in between.
  • To go to Akshardham, get on a Blue Line train going to Dwarka Sec 21, and change at Yamuna Bank metro station to a Noida Electronic City-bound train on the Blue Line and get off at the Akshardham metro station. This journey covers a total distance of 7 km with 7 stations in between.
  • Those wishing to visit Green Park must take a Blue Line train towards Dwarka Sec 21 and then change at Rajik Chowk to take a Yellow Line train headed towards HUDA City Centre and get down at the Green Park metro station after 7 stations. A total travel distance of 20 km will be covered, with 19 stations between the start and end stations.

Kaushambi Metro Station-Distance To Key Landmarks:

Kaushambi Metro Station is located in the heart of Ghaziabad and is well-connected to the entire Delhi-NCR region. The station offers easy access to some of the most renowned landmarks and places. If you’re ever in the area, stop by the Kaushambi Metro Station to explore its surroundings. 

  • Wave Kaushambi, a top tourist attraction, is a mere 110 m from the station. Follow the route to discover Wave Mall Kaushambi, just 150 m away. Both spots have lots to offer and make for an entertaining outing.
  • For more fun and entertainment, a mere 600 m away is Pacific Mall Ghaziabad and its vicinity. Shopping enthusiasts must drop by here and have a wonderful time.
  • Adjacent to it is the beautiful Kaushambi Central Park at a distance of 650 m. The place is popular among locals and tourists, perfect for a peaceful stroll or jog in the morning.
  • For those looking for more adventure, EDM Mall is at a 900 m distance and has lots of surprises in store. One of the trendiest spots around the area, you will be able to have a good time here. 
  • If you’re looking for more laid-back things to do, visit the Chaudhary Balbir Chowk, which is 1.2 km away. Enjoy the pleasant breeze and watch the locals throughout their day. 
  • Further down, at a distance of 1.6 km, is the prestigious Sun Valley International School. Learn more about the heritage and the historical building by making a short trip there.

Kaushambi Metro Station offers easy access to some of the most attractive spots in the region, and its distance to critical landmarks will surely allow you to explore and have fun.

Kaushambi Metro Station-Nearby Restaurants And Hotels:

Exploring Delhi NCR has never been more accessible than the Metro! The Kaushambi Metro Station offers locals and visitors a wealth of convenient amenities in the immediate vicinity. From world-renowned fast food to delectable Indian fare, here are a few eateries and hotels near Kaushambi Metro Station:

  • Maini’s Green Leaf and Shree Rathnam are two excellent restaurants located just 10 meters away from the Metro Station. 
  • Enjoy some traditional Indian food or take a bite at McDonald’s India, just a short walk away at 30 meters.
  • Hotel Anand Retreat can be found 50 meters from the station for a mid-range option. It’s an excellent place for family, friends, or couples. 
  • Raasa Kart 5, at 100 meters, also offers guests a hearty meal.
  • Hotel Mukund Residency & Banquet can be reached at 130 meters, with Chillum Fast Food being a bit further at 230 meters. If you’re looking for something a bit classier, then Anassa Restaurant is 250 meters, and Clarks Inn is 300 meters.
  • If you’re feeling extra adventurous, why not treat yourself to some quality hospitality at Radisson Blu Towers? At 1.1 km, this luxurious hotel offers some of the best features money can buy.

Kaushambi Metro Station-Nearby Properties:

Finding a perfect home near the metro station is no longer a hassle. If you’re searching for one near this station, several flats, independent houses, and villas are available for rent and sale. All these properties come with some fantastic amenities and are in a very affordable price range.

The per sq ft price for a residential building in the area begins from Rs. 4,318 for 1, 2, and 3 BHKs, going up to Rs. 8,584 and beyond for a 4 BHK flat. The nearby facilities make it more desirable for new home buyers. Several schools, hospitals, and shopping complexes are located around the area, while the metro station ensures hassle-free transportation in and around the city. 

The list of apartments and residencies located near the station are:

  • Shipra Krishna Azure Apartment, 250 m
  • Shivalik Apartments, 500 m
  • Jaipuria Enclave, 1.0 km
  • Mahaluxmi Tower, 1.6 km
  • Lumbini Apartments, 1.8 km

Likewise, the commercial complexes in the area are:

  • Empire Estate, 150 m
  • K.M Trade Tower, 1.3 km
  • Signature Global Mall, 1.4 km
  • The Business Hub, 1.6 km
  • Star Infinity Tower, 1.7 km

Thus, finding an ideal residence around the metro station is much more straightforward, with many options. Furthermore, the accessible amenities in the locality make this area one of the top locations in the city to find a suitable home.

Kaushambi Metro Station-Parking Facility:

The parking spot near Kaushambi Metro Station Delhi NCR is at street level. This convenient facility helps the passengers to have their cars close by to save time in commuting. This parking facility is available round the clock and can be used for long- and short-term parking purposes. 

The parking lot also offers various features to ensure your car is safe and secure. For example, the entrance and exits are CCTV-enabled to record footage 24×7 and are monitored by guards to provide an extra layer of security. 

So, if you are looking for parking near Kaushambi Metro Station, you have found your solution. It offers the best facilities to make your stay at the station hassle-free. This is one of the few parking facilities that offer its users such an excellent service at a great value.


Kaushambi metro station is a popular connection between Delhi and Ghaziabad, making it easier for commuters to reach their destination without enduring the tiresome drive-through traffic. Located in a bustling locality, there is a range of schools, hospitals, and shopping malls in the immediate vicinity. 

Due to its accessibility and range of amenities, Kaushambi has seen a boom in real estate, with many homebuyers attracted to this area. Moreover, traveling on the metro is an ideal option for individuals living here, as it allows them to conveniently and quickly move around easily. 

The importance of the Kaushambi metro station is evident, with its use by hundreds of passengers daily. This busy route is a safe and convenient choice for those who want to avoid Delhi’s traffic and reach their destination on time.

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