Esplanade Metro Station: Facts And Location

On 24th October 1984, Metro Railway Network started its prime journey in not only Kolkata but also the country. It earned the appellation of India’s first rapid transit system or metro. Commercial services operated in south Kolkata with its inaugural ride between Esplanade Metro Rail Station and Bhowanipur (now known as Netaji Bhavan Metro Station). It covered a distance of 3.4 km with 5 active stations initially. 

The Esplanade metro station is located at the northern end of Jawaharlal Nehru Road/Chowringhee Road near one of the city’s main shopping destinations, New Market. It is also near the Oberoi Grand hotel. It is one of the busiest metro stations in Kolkata and is well-connected to other parts of the city. 

It is a section of what is now known as Kolkata Metro Line 1. The Esplanade metro station will be the interchange station for Lines 1, 2, and 3. It is undergoing renovations to make it the biggest station in the mass transit system.

Esplanade Metro Station

Esplanade Metro Station is an important transportation hub in Kolkata, providing easy access to several important destinations in the city, such as Park Street, Maidan, and Howrah Railway Station. The station is also connected to the Kolkata Suburban Railway, making it easy for commuters to switch between different modes of transportation.

The Esplanade Metro Rail Station serves as a transfer point for passengers travelling between the Blue, Green, and Purple Lines of the Kolkata Metro. As we read above that it is currently under construction. Soon, it will be operated and opened to the public, giving everyone in the city more accessible.  

This article will discuss Esplanade Metro  Station’s route, facilities, and more. So keep looking forward.

About Esplanade Area:

Esplanade is a bustling commercial and cultural locality in the heart of Kolkata, West Bengal, India. The area is a hub of activity and is famous for its numerous shopping malls, entertainment venues, and historical landmarks.

One of the most prominent landmarks in Esplanade is the Victoria Memorial, a magnificent white marble structure built to commemorate Queen Victoria’s 25-year reign in India. The memorial is a significant tourist attraction surrounded by lush gardens and a picturesque lake.

Esplanade is also home to several shopping destinations, including the New Market, one of Kolkata’s oldest and busiest markets. The market is known for its vibrant atmosphere and offers various goods, including clothes, jewellery, and handicrafts.

In addition to the New Market, Esplanade has several modern shopping malls, including Forum Courtyard, Forum Mall, and Quest Mall. These malls offer various international and domestic brands, food courts, cinemas, and entertainment venues.

Esplanade is also known for its cultural and artistic offerings. The Academy of Fine Arts, located in the area, hosts regular exhibitions and performances by local and international artists. The Indian Museum, located nearby, is one of the oldest and largest museums in the country and showcases a wide range of exhibits, including fossils, art, and historical artefacts.

The area is well-connected to other parts of Kolkata, with several bus and metro stations within walking distance. It is also close to other popular tourist destinations in Kolkata, such as the Howrah Bridge, the Maidan, and the Dakshineswar Kali Temple.

Overall, Esplanade is a vibrant and dynamic locality that offers a unique blend of history, culture, and modern amenities. It is a must-visit destination for anyone visiting Kolkata.

Esplanade Metro Rail Station-Location:

The Esplanade metro rail station is on Line 1 of the Kolkata Metro. The proper Address of Esplanade Metro Station is Esplanade Metro, Jawaharlal Nehru Rd, Esplanade, Kolkata, West Bengal 700013.

The coordinates of the Esplanade metro station are 22.5649° N and 88.3517° E. 

You can also relocate this metro station easily on Digital maps such as the infamous Google Maps for better accessibility.

Design And Structure of Esplanade Metro Rail Station:

Since it is located at the intersection of North-South Line 1 and East-West Line 2, the Esplanade metro station serves as an underground interchange metro station for all three of Kolkata Metro’s lines, and  Line 3’s last station will likewise be at the junction. 

Top-down building methods were used to build the massive underground infrastructure in the deltaic soil, and sprayed concrete lining tunnels were added to eliminate piled barriers.

Esplanade Metro Station-Quick Facts:

Here are some quick and essential facts about the Esplanade metro station mentioned in the table below. Take a quick look at these facts.


Esplanade, Kolkata




22.564942°N and 88.351699°E

Owned by 

Kolkata Metro


 Blue Line, Green Line and Purple Line

Number of Platforms

4 Island Platforms & 2 Side Platforms

Number of Tracks


Structure Type


Station Code 



750 V DC Third Rail

Esplanade Metro Rail Station-Route Map:

Here is the metro route map image of the Esplanade Metro station. Look at this image and easily identify the station you want to travel from the metro station without facing any hurdles.

Fare And Timings: 

The Kolkata Metro timings on Line 1 during weekdays, i.e., from Monday to Saturday, are from 6:45 am to 9:55 pm. The last train reaches its destination at 10:45 pm. But the Kolkata Metro Timings vary on Sundays, and trains run from 9:50 am to 21:55 pm. The fare ranges from Rs. 5 to Rs. 25. You can also issue a metro smart card and travel without facing long queues or anything else as it is considered very convenient for the Public.

List Of Preceding And Following Stations:

Take a quick look at the preceding and following stations of Esplanade metro station on different lines mentioned in the table below:


Esplanade, Kolkata




22.564942°N and 88.351699°E

Owned by 

Kolkata Metro


 Blue Line, Green Line and Purple Line

Number of Platforms

4 Island Platforms & 2 Side Platforms

Number of Tracks


Structure Type


Station Code 



750 V DC Third Rail

Entry/Exit Gate Numbers Of The Esplanade Metro Station:

There are 7 Entry/Exit Gates at Kolkata’s Esplanade Metro Rail Station. The following table is ready and will guide you if you want to find your way around the Esplanade metro station. 

Gate Number

Where it takes you to

Gate 1 & 3 (Rani Rashmoni Gate of Curzon Park)

Esplanade Kolkata, India 700013

Gate 2 

5, Jawaharlal Nehru Rd, New Market Area, Dharmatala, Taltala, Kolkata 700013

Gate 4

1, SN Banerjee Road, New Market Area, Dharmatala, Taltala, Kolkata, 700013

Gate 5

12, Jawaharlal Nehru Rd, New Market Area, Dharmatala, Taltala, Kolkata

Gate 6 

4, Chowringhee Pl, New Market Area, Dharmatala, Taltala, Kolkata, 700069

Gate 7

Dufferin Rd, Maidan, Kolkata, West Bengal 700069

Gate 8 

17, Jawaharlal Nehru Rd, Maidan, Kolkata 700069

Facilities At Esplanade Metro Rail station, Kolkata:

There are CCTV cameras at strategic points to ensure the safety and security of passengers. You can use the elevator. Esplanade metro station is also Disabled-Friendly.

As more lines are added to this metro station, the authorities will add more features and facilities.

Esplanade Metro Rail Station-Distance To Popular Landmarks:

The Esplanade Metro Rail Station is conveniently situated close to several renowned destinations, as you can see from a distance mentioned below. The following list could be useful if you wish to explore these places.



Tipu Sultan Mosque

0.08 km

Raj Bhavan

0.8 km

Indian Museum

1.3 km

Town Hall

1.2 km

Eden Gardens

1.1 km

Calcutta High Court

1.4 km

General Post Office (GPO)

1.6 km

Marble Palace

2.5 km

Birla Planetarium

5.2 km

Victoria Memorial

3.1 km

Howrah Bridge

3.3 km

Hotels Near Esplanade Metro Station, Kolkata:

There are choices galore for hotels near Esplanade Metro Station, Kolkata. The city will spoil you when choosing the right staycation or family holiday accommodation. You can taste the vintage and contemporary décor and find a place that suits your budget. Also, metro connectivity adds more spice to the vacation because it’s affordable, and reaching other prime places in the city is time-consuming. Below are a few hotels that you could look up depending on the duration of your stay in the City of Joy and are near the Esplanade Metro Station.

Name of Hotel


The Oberoi Grand

0.65 km

The Lalit Great Eastern, Kolkata

0.65 km

The Park Hotel, Kolkata

1.4 km

Kenilworth Hotel

2.9 km

Taj Bengal

5.3 km

The Astor 

2.6 km

The Elgin Fairlawn

1.4 km

Restaurants Near Esplanade Metro Rail Station, Kolkata:

Whether your heart craves the quintessential Kolkata Biryani or authentic Chinese fare, the city is a food lovers’ delight and famous for its Bengali Cuisines. There are quite a few places you can head to any time of the day to satisfy your hunger pangs or taste the city’s flavours.

You could also visit cafes or unwind with your family and friends over drinks at a pub. Below is a list of places that could offer you a taste of Kolkata’s culinary delights.

Name of Restaurant/Eateries/Cafe/Pub


Aminia, New Market

0.6 km

Nizam’s Restaurant

0.7 km

Wilson’s The Pub, The Lalit Great Eastern, Kolkata

0.7 km


0.3 km

Aaheli, The Peerless inn

0.8 km

Chung Wah

0.45 km

Residential Societies Near Esplanade Metro Rail Station, Kolkata:

Some stunning Kolkata housing complexes may be seen close to the Esplanade Metro Rail Station as people always prefer residences near metro connectivity, and this metro station serves one. Here’s a look at some of these residential complexes: 

  • Navyom: This residential complex is 8.4 km from the Esplanade Metro station. 10 towers housing 292 residential units. Possession will be available in August 2025. The residential complex is situated in the tony locality of New Alipore with a price range between Rs. 7500/Square Feet and Rs. 13560/sq. ft.
  • Siddha Sky: This residential property is situated in Tangra in Central Kolkata. It is 5 km from the Esplanade Metro Rail Station. 468 units are spread across 4 towers, and possession was now available in  December 2022. The price per sq. ft ranges from Rs. 6997 to Rs. 8309.
  • Merlin Pristine: This residential complex in Kolkata’s New Alipore is 8.4 km from Esplanade Metro Station. There are 42 residential units in a single tower, and the price per sq. ft is between Rs. 6755-8486. Possession of the apartments will be available from September 2023.

Commercial Space For Rent/Sale Near Esplanade Metro Rail Station:

Various commercial spaces near the Esplanade metro station are available for rent or sale. The price range varies on the property’s proximity to Esplanade Metro Rail Station. You can take these commercial spaces on lease or buy a property to run your office, showrooms, retail stores, or other commercial purposes. 

Esplanade Metro Rail Station-Parking Facilities:

There are no designated parking facilities at the Esplanade Metro Station in Kolkata. Hopefully, the KMRC might establish one as the ridership increases. It will benefit many people who wish to travel half from their private vehicle and the rest from the metro, as Kolkata has many neighboring districts and villages. Daily many people relocate for work and education purposes.

Parking Importance In A Metro Station:

Parking facilities at metro stations are important for several reasons. They provide convenience to commuters and help promote public transport use. 

Firstly, parking facilities at metro stations encourage people to use public transport instead of driving their own vehicles. Many people prefer to drive their own cars because they do not want to take the hassle of finding a parking spot. However, if there is adequate parking space at metro stations, people can park their cars there and take the metro, which is a more convenient and cost-effective mode of transport. This can help reduce traffic congestion on the roads, a major problem in many cities.

Secondly, parking facilities at metro stations can help reduce carbon emissions. Cars emit many pollutants into the atmosphere, which harms the environment. By encouraging people to take the metro, we can reduce the number of cars on the road reducing carbon emissions. This can help improve air quality and make our cities more sustainable.

Thirdly, parking facilities at metro stations provide convenience to commuters. Many people find it difficult to find a parking spot near their workplace or other destinations. People can park their cars and take the metro to their destinations by providing parking facilities at metro stations. This can save them time and hassle and make their commute more comfortable.

Fourthly, parking facilities at metro stations can also generate revenue for the metro authorities. Many people are willing to pay for parking, especially if it is safe and secure. By charging a fee for parking, the metro authorities can generate revenue, which can be used to improve the facilities and services provided by the metro.

However, the metro authorities need to provide adequate parking facilities at metro stations to encourage people to use public transport and make our cities more sustainable.


As discussed above in the article, Esplanade Metro covers some major parts of the city and makes the Commuters’ lives easy. The passenger footfall of Esplanade Metro Rail Station crosses 6 lakhs daily, making the Esplanade Metro Station one of the busiest in Kolkata.

Not only does it cut down on travel time, but Esplanade Metro Station’s proximity to major tourist attractions in and around the city makes it an essential interchange metro station for tourists and people. 

Kolkata Metro has travelled a long way beginning its journey in 1984. And Esplanade Metro Rail Station has emerged as the city’s lifeline by making the daily commute a hassle-free experience for everyone. Soon in the upcoming future, more lines will be added to this line for further better access as the work is still going on. Till then, stay tuned.

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