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Located in Greater Noida, the Gaur City Mall is an extensive entertainment zone where friends and family can come together for a great time. Not only is this a one-stop shopping destination, but it is also spread out over an expansive 8, 61,000 sq. ft. of retail space. On top of that, the mall is situated on a wide 130m road, making entry and exit very convenient. 

The Gaur City Mall offers more than just shopping. With the whole township spread across 320 acres, it also has commercial projects, lush outdoor greens, multi-level parking and residential apartments for visitors to enjoy. This is a fun hub with no similar options within a 12 km radius. 

Gaur City Nearest Metro

Greater Noida is a fast-developing city with tremendous real estate growth, so people find this mall the perfect choice to unwind and have fun on weekends and holidays. It has everything they could ever need or want – from delicious meals to window shopping to relaxing in the common areas. This mall truly stands out with such vast options and facilities.

How To Reach Gaur City Mall?

Gaur City Mall is in Gaur City 1, Sector 4, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201009. The nearest metro station is at a distance of 8 km and is the Noida Electronic City Metro Station on the Blue Line. However, visitors may avail of the services of an auto-rickshaw or take a local bus to commute to the mall. 

The nearest bus stop is AIMS Golf Town, located only 900 m away from the mall. The locals can check the available bus routes and their timings to know the bus stop closest to them.

Gaur City Nearest Metro-Noida Electronic City Metro Station:

Noida Electronic City Metro Station is a landmark Delhi Metro Blue Line station located in Sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It has been operational since 25th January 2019 and facilitates easy and efficient travel to commuters within the city and those travelling to the Delhi-NCR region. 

Noida Electronic City Metro Station is a very important part of Delhi Metro’s Blue Line and has been developed considering commuters’ comfort and safety. The station is also surrounded by various landmarks and commercial establishments, making it a much sought-after station by commuters. 

To summarise, Noida Electronic City Metro Station is integral to Delhi Metro’s Blue Line and provides efficient and convenient transport solutions for the city’s commuters. The station also provides numerous facilities, amenities, and other facilities, making it one of the best metro stations in the region.

Noida Electronic City Metro Station-Location And Connectivity:

Noida Electronic City Metro Station is conveniently located on the Delhi Metro Blue Line in Sector 62 of Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The address is H Block, Sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 201301.

Transportation facilities such as buses, taxis, and auto-rickshaws have been made easily accessible from Noida Electronic City Metro Station, allowing visitors and residents to travel comfortably and easily. This ensures that citizens from across the city and beyond can travel in and out of the city quickly and efficiently.

The Noida Electronic City Metro Station has emerged as a vital link to and from Noida and its surrounding regions. Its ease of access and numerous transport facilities makes it the perfect starting point to explore the exciting cities of Noida, Greater Noida, and Delhi.

Noida Electronic City Metro Station-Architecture And Design:

Noida Electronic City Metro Station boasts iconic and contemporary architecture that stands apart. An elevated station, it features a single island platform and two tracks that travel across the city. Steel and glass encase the station, and a striking window feature allows natural light to permeate within.

The station is outfitted with the latest facilities and amenities to facilitate maximum comfort, such as escalators, elevators, CCTV cameras and a completely automated ticketing system. With the assurance of safety and security, this metro station allows for convenient commuting, becoming a symbol of efficient transit.

Noida Electronic City Metro Station-At A Glance:

  • Station Name: Noida Electronic City( नोएडा इलैक्ट्रौनिक सिटी)
  • Station on Line: Blue Main Line
  • Station Layout: Elevated Station
  • Platform Type: Side Platform
  • Located In: Noida Region
  • Contact No.: 7290020682
  • ATM at Station: No

Noida Electronic City Metro Station-Train Timings & Platform:

The operating hours and platform information for Dwarka Sec 21 metro station are as follows: The first train departs at 5:45 AM, and the last departs at 10:51 PM, both from Platform 2.

Noida Electronic City Metro Station-Facilities:

Noida Electronic City Metro Station has several facilities that offer a convenient travel experience to its passengers.

One of the leading facilities available is the escalators and elevators. This makes the station accessible to passengers of all age groups, including those with disabilities and seniors. A parking facility is also available so passengers can easily leave their vehicles while travelling on the metro. 

In addition, the station has a ticketing system that operates with cash and smart cards, allowing passengers to purchase tickets easily before entering the station. The station also provides restrooms for its passengers, keeping the hygiene level high and making the environment comfortable for everyone. 

Moreover, Wi-Fi is available for passengers wanting to work or stay connected while waiting for their train. For added convenience, the station has several shops and food stalls where passengers can purchase snacks and other items. 

Overall, Noida Electronic City Metro Station has the necessary facilities to give passengers an easy and enjoyable experience.

Noida Electronic City Metro Station-Nearby Attractions:

Noida Electronic City Metro Station is conveniently located in Noida, and its nearby attractions offer a diverse range of activities for passengers to experience. 

  • Worlds of Wonder is just a short 6.8 km away from the station for a fun-filled day. The amusement park offers an exciting and enjoyable time for adults and children, filled with activities and games.
  • If you want to shop, the popular mall, The Great India Place, is just 5.9 km away. You will find many retail stores, restaurants and cafes for entertainment and convenience. 
  • The renowned Golf Course in Noida has located 8.7 km from the station and is the perfect place to relax and unwind while practising your skills.
  • For those seeking spiritual enlightenment, the Akshardham Temple in Delhi is 12.8 km away and has a stunning display of beautiful Indian architecture and design. 
  • India Gate, the war memorial situated in Delhi, is 15.5 km away and stands as a testimony to the courage of the Indian Army. It also offers a breathtaking view of the Delhi cityscape.

Noida Electronic City Metro Station perfectly combines leisure and spiritual activities.

Noida Electronic City Metro Station-Nearby Residential Areas And Commercial Hubs:

The Noida Electronic City Metro Station is an excellent location for convenient access to residential and commercial areas. 

Many housing societies and apartment complexes are located within a short distance in Sectors 62, 64, 65, and 66. These areas are an excellent option for those looking to rent or buy homes, providing them access to the station.

Additionally, the station is also close to various commercial hubs. The NSEZ, the HCL campus, and IT companies are situated in Sector 63, just a stone’s throw away. With its close proximity to such business centres, the Noida Electronic City Metro Station is an ideal transit stop for employees of these organisations. 

The area around the station is ideal for commuters looking for convenience, as it offers a variety of both residential and commercial hubs within close proximity.

Noida Electronic City Metro Station-Nearby Restaurants:

Suppose you are looking for the best restaurants near Noida Electronic City Metro Station. In that case, you are lucky because many nearby restaurants and cafes offer food to suit every taste and preference. Here are some of the most popular restaurants that you should check out:

  • The Culinary Deck is situated in Sector 63 and offers a variety of Indian and international cuisines, such as North Indian, Chinese and Italian. With a modern and vibrant atmosphere, it is a great place to catch up with friends and family over a meal. 
  • Choudhary’s in Sector 63 is an excellent option for those who prefer North Indian food. Enjoy a delicious range of North Indian dishes and a cosy ambience perfect for a relaxing meal. 
  • The Food Department in Sector 63 is ideal for quick snacks and light meals. This chic and modern cafe makes an excellent spot for a casual meeting or to take a break and bite. 
  • Forno Kitchen + Bar, located in Sector 66, is a place for North Indian, Chinese, and Italian cuisines. Enjoy an intimate dinner with a loved one in this trendy and stylish atmosphere.
  • Finally, for an authentic Indian dining experience, check out Red Salt Cuisine in Sector 63. Enjoy Indian and international cuisines in the warm and welcoming ambience, perfect for a family dinner or group outing. 

No matter what your preference is, you are sure to find a restaurant near Noida Electronic City Metro Station that is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Noida Electronic City Metro Station-Future Expansion Plans:

Noida Electronic City Metro Station is planning an exciting future expansion. The biggest expansion planned is the addition of the Blue Line, extending from Noida Electronic City to Greater Noida’s Knowledge Park V. This route will cover a distance of about 15 km and bring different parts of Noida and Greater Noida together. 

At the same time, this station is determined to become eco-friendly and sustainably responsible. It will use solar panels to generate electricity, setting an example of environmentally friendly behaviour in the community. 

With its expansion plans, Noida Electronic City Metro Station will improve public transportation and create a more environmentally conscious community. This makes it an exemplary project of eco-friendliness, making the future bright for generations to come.

Tips For Commuters:

The Noida Electronic City Metro Station offers an easy and comfortable way for commuters to travel around the city. To make your daily travel experience smoother, here are some tips you should keep in mind:

  • Plan ahead: To avoid delays and unnecessary waiting, take the time to plan your trip in advance by checking the metro schedule. Knowing the timings and routes can be beneficial.
  • Carry a smart card: A smart card on hand will make your daily travels a breeze. It can be recharged online or at the metro stations and avoid long queues at the ticket counter.
  • Be mindful of the rush hours: Peak hours for metro travel generally occur in the morning and evening. Avoid these times, as trains are more crowded and finding a seat can be difficult.
  • Follow the rules and regulations: Following the rules and regulations of the metro are essential for a safe and comfortable journey. This includes refraining from eating or drinking inside the train, not littering, and avoiding misbehaviour.
  • Use the metro app: The metro app provides commuters with real-time updates on train timings, routes, and station facilities. This app can be a great tool to keep up with any changes or disruptions in service.

Following these simple tips, you can enjoy a daily stress-free commute on the Noida Electronic City Metro Station.


Noida Electronic City Metro Station is an integral part of the transportation infrastructure of Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The station is equipped with various modern amenities that ensure the comfort and convenience of its passengers. With easy connectivity to nearby attractions, Noida Electronic City Metro Station is ideal for local commuters and travellers. 

Its strategic location allows convenient access to the various parts of Noida, Greater Noida, and Delhi, further aiding in its popularity among its patrons. In addition, future plans for the station are set in place, ensuring its popularity will continue to grow with time.

To sum it up, Noida Electronic City Metro Station is a great asset to the city of Noida and a significant addition to the Delhi Metro. It is an essential part of the local infrastructure, and its convenience and strategic location make it a favoured choice for commuters and travellers alike. Its facilities and sustainability features will attract more passengers in the coming years.

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