Samaypur Badli Metro Station: Location, Route Map And Facilities

Samaypur Badli Metro Station is a terminus station on the Yellow Line of the Delhi metro route. The Samaypur Badli metro station is situated near Rohini. India’s capital, Delhi, is considered the country’s vital core because of many things, and the metro rail system is an essential part of this city. Delhi is well known for its rich cultural and historical legacy.

The city is home to some well-known historical sites and grows with time. The cultural heritage of the Mughals, ancient Indians, and British may all be seen in the city, as can the influence of religious pluralism. Apart from the bustling traffic jams and air pollution, several lovely parks in the city offer the chance to stroll freely amid the greenery.

It is divided into two parts, ie. Nayi Dilli and Purani Dilli are called New and Old Delhi, respectively. Along with its packed food alleyways, Old Delhi is well known for its rich culture, heritage buildings, and landmarks. There is something for everyone to complement their hobbies, so people of all ages may have fun. People have moved to the city nationwide to look for better jobs and educational opportunities.

Samaypur Badli Metro Station

Delhi’s rich cultural and historical heritage appeals to domestic and international tourists or visitors.  Once you visit Delhi, you will find that the metro is the most convenient and affordable mode of public transportation, and locals and tourists favour it. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) owns and operates the country’s oldest metro station.

Samaypur Badli metro station in Delhi runs on the Yellow Line, one of the most important metro stations people commute to daily. The platforms are well-maintained and provide passengers with a comfortable and safe journey. The station also houses many amenities, such as ATMs, ticket counters, and food outlets.

There is an escalator that makes it easy to reach the platform from the concourse level. It is also a significant commuter transit hub connected to the Outer Ring Road. The station is well-connected to other parts of the city by buses, auto-rickshaws, and other modes of transport. Apart from its importance as a transit hub, the station is also a popular tourist destination.

It is home to many historical monuments, such as the Qutub Minar, the Red Fort, and the Indian Gate. The station is also close to some of the most popular markets in Delhi, such as the Khan Market and the Sarojini Nagar Market. Samaypur Badli Metro station is well-connected and influential for commuters and tourists alike.

It is well-maintained and provides all the necessary amenities for a comfortable and safe journey. The station is also close to some of Delhi’s most popular tourist destinations. The station is an integral part of the Delhi Metro network and is an essential link for commuters and tourists.

In this article, we will learn helpful information about Samaypur Badli metro station in Delhi, like its nearby attractions, popular places, landmarks, restaurants, Samaypur Badli metro station map, hotels, and more.

Samaypur Badli Metro Station, Delhi-Location:

The metro station began operations on 10th October 2015. The proper metro station location is Bawana Rd, Pocket G, Suraj Park, Phase 1, Samaypur Badli, Sector 18, Rohini, Delhi, 110042.

For better access, you can also locate this metro station on your digital maps, such as Google Maps. 

Samaypur Badli Metro Station, Delhi-Design And Structure:

As we discussed, it is one of the busiest and most well-known metro stations in Delhi, i.e. the Samaypur Badli, an elevated structure metro station. At street level, the exit and entrance to the station are located. Level 1 is the Mezzanine where the fare control, crossover,  Metrocard vending machines, and the station agent are situated. Level 2 has the platforms.

There are two platforms in the Samaypur Badli metro station. Platform 1 is Southbound along the Yellow Line towards HUDA City Centre. The next station of Samaypur Badli is the Rohini Sector 18, 19. Platform 2 (Northbound) is along the Yellow Line as well. Therefore, the train terminates here, so no trains are going Northbound from this station.

Samaypur Badli Metro Station, Delhi- Route Map:

Here is the Samaypur Metro Station route map below for a better understanding. From this metro station map, you can easily access the other metro station of the Yellow line of the Delhi Metro: 

The Yellow Line of Delhi Metro connects New Delhi to the neighbouring city of Gurgaon in Haryana. There are 37 active stations from Samaypur Badli in Delhi to HUDA City Centre along the Yellow Line (Gurgaon). The total route length of the Yellow Line is 48.8 km. The Yellow Line begins from Samaypur Badli (North) to HUDA City Centre (South), with Samaypur Badli metro station Delhi being the 1st station from the North. If you come from the HUDA City Centre side, Samaypur Badli is the last or 37th metro station. 

The interchange metro stations in the Yellow Lines are mentioned below. Take a look at these stations:


Connecting Line

Kashmere Gate

Red and Violet Line

Rajiv Chowk

Blue Line

Central Secretariat

Violet Line


 Pink Line

New Delhi

Orange Line


Pink Line

Hauz Khas

Magenta Line

Above mentioned stations is the interchanging point where you can change to other coloured lines of the Delhi Metro.

Quick Facts About Samaypur Badli Metro Station:

Here are some quick facts about this metro station for a better understanding of the station:

Station Code


Station Name

Samaypur Badli Metro Station 

Station Structure


Opened On

10th October 2015

Operated By

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC)

No. of Platforms




Next Metro Station (Eastbound)

Rohini Sector 18, 19

Next Metro Station (Northbound)

Train terminates here

Contact Info

Phone: 085128 04531


Samaypur Badli Metro Station, Delhi Route-Distance To Popular Places:

A few popular places that are close to the Samaypur Badli Metro station are mentioned below, along with their respective distance from the metro station:

  • AIIMS: To get to AIIMS, you must take the train to HUDA City centre on the Yellow Line (Platform 1). You will cover a total of 23 km spanning 22 metro stations. There is no interchange on this line. 
  • IGI Airport: To get to Delhi airport, take the first train to the HUDA City centre on the Yellow Line (Platform 1). Change at the New Delhi stop and take 2nd train towards Dwarka Sector 21 on the Orange Line (Platform 2). IGI airport is your stop. The total distance covered is 30 km, and the full stop is 18. 
  • Akshardham Temple: To get to Akshardham Temple, you must take the first train towards HUDA City centre on the Yellow Line (Platform 1). Then interchange at Rajiv Chowk and take the second train towards Noida Electronic City on the Blue Line (Platform 1). Your nearest stop to the temple is Akshardham, and the total distance covered is 23 km and 21 stations. 
  • Chandni Chowk Market. To get to one of Delhi’s oldest and busiest markets, you only need to take the train to HUDA City Centre on the Yellow Line (Platform 1). The stop you get down at is Chandni Chowk. The total distance covered is 13 km and 12 stations, and the total time is approximately 24 minutes. 

Samaypur Badli Metro Station-Facilities:

Samaypur Badli Metro Station, Delhi-Distance To Key Landmarks:

Here are some key landmarks that are near this metro station, and their respective distance is also provided so that if you visit these places, you can get here with easy access from the metro station:



Delhi Global Hospital

600 m

Om Hospital

700 m

Badli Railway Station

1.3 km

Govt. Girls Senior Secondary High School

1 km

DAV Senior Secondary School

1 km

Mohalla Clinic (AAMC) Delhi Govt

1.5 km

Restaurants And Hotels Near Samaypur Badli Metro Station:

If you want to munch on something, then there are many options. Some are mentioned below. These eateries are close to this metro station and within a walkable distance as well:



Subodh Fast Food

160 m

Amit Fast Food

300 m

Shri Shri Cafe

350 m

Pintu Dhaba

350 m

OYO Townhouse 280 Chugh House

850 m

Hotel Saffron Gray

850 m

FabHotel The Chaitanyas

1.2 km

Properties Near Samaypur Badli Metro Station, Delhi

Properties near the metro station are readily available. You can get affordable properties here at a cheaper rent for residential purposes or commercial plots. 1, 2, 3, or even 4 BHKs residential apartments are available at several complexes near the metro station. As several schools are nearby, staying close to the meteor station is feasible. People prefer properties near better communication with other parts of the city; Samaypur Badli or any metro station becomes the best option for property buyers.

Apartments in the locality are as follows:



Unity Apartment RWA

700 m

Dataram Apartments

1 km

Utsav Apartment

800 m

Commercial Complexes in this area are:



Navtech industries

1.3 km

Daksh Enterprises

190 m

Sigma Test and Research Centre

900 m

Samaypur Badli Metro Station, Delhi-Parking Availability:

No, there are no parking places that belong to the metro station. If passengers wish to locate a parking spot, the nearest place to park their vehicles is the parking place at Samaypur Badli Railway station. This parking place is about 200 m (3 minutes walk) away from the entrance of the metro station.


The Samaypur Badli metro station in Delhi, this station has become prominent. As the station is the first point from the north, people travelling to and fro often take this route daily. Although this station was part of an extension project of the Yellow Line of the Delhi metro, it is crucial to people who live in or come to work daily in the neighbouring area.

 As we know, Samaypur Badli Metro Station is a station run on the Yellow Line of the Delhi Metro, located in the Samaypur Badli area of North West Delhi. The station is the first from the northern end of the Delhi Metro network and is an elevated metro station in the region.

This station serves Samaypur Badli, Badli Industrial Area, Old Ghondli, Avantika, and other nearby areas. The Samaypur Badli Metro Station was initially opened in 2015 as part of the Yellow Line extension from the Central Secretariat to Badarpur. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) maintains the station well-maintained, neat, and clean.

 It has two entry/exit points, one at the Badli Industrial Area and the other at the Old Ghondli. It has two platforms that serve the northern and southern terminals of the line. The station also has several shops and kiosks on both platforms, which provide food and beverage items to the commuters.

The Samaypur Badli Metro Station is well-connected to other parts of the city. Bus services connect it to the Badli Industrial Area, Old Ghondli, Avantika, and other nearby areas. It has many auto-rickshaws and taxis that provide transport to and from the station. 

The station is well-connected to the rest of Delhi through the Yellow Line of the Delhi Metro. It takes about 25 minutes to reach the Rajiv Chowk Metro Station from Samaypur Badli Metro Station. The Samaypur Badli Metro Station is well-equipped with all the modern amenities.

 It has two ticket counters, two escalators, two elevators, and two lifts. The station also has a prepaid taxi stand, a public convenience facility, and a lost and found counter. It is also equipped with a CCTV surveillance system to ensure the safety of the commuters.

The Samaypur Badli Metro Station also has an Automated Fare Collection (AFC) system that helps commuters get their tickets quickly and conveniently. The station also has several ATMs on both platforms, so commuters can easily withdraw money. The Samaypur Badli Metro Station is essential to the Delhi Metro network and provides an efficient commute method.

It is well-maintained and provides a safe and comfortable journey to commuters. It is well-connected to other parts of the town and provides a convenient way of commuting in Delhi. The station is well-equipped with modern amenities and offers a hassle-free experience for commuters travelling via this metro station to other parts of the city.

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