Botanical Garden Metro: Location And Stations

The Delhi Metro serves as the hub of India’s public transit network. It is not an exaggeration to say it is the city’s lifeblood. The Delhi Metro has provided seamless, end-to-end connectivity in the town and nearby cities of Noida, Faridabad, and Gurgaon. 

The metro’s design makes sure that every critical route is noticed. As a result, actual locales, including those with nearby markets, business districts, and landmarks, have been adequately covered. 

Botanical Garden Metro

The Delhi metro’s daily average ridership hit 28 million in October 2021. One of the few government organizations in India that makes good money is the Delhi Metro, which is run by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). Additionally, it is constantly expanding, with new routes under construction at various stages. 

Let’s look at Botanical Garden Metro Station, one of the most central metro stations in the Delhi metro.

Botanical Garden Metro Station Details:

Botanical Garden is one of the prominent localities in Noida. Moreover, it is connected to various business and employment hubs of Delhi NCR through Delhi Metro’s Blue Line, making it an ideal place to live. 

The Blue Line is an integral part of the city’s transportation network, and to strengthen it further, Delhi Metro opened Botanical Garden Metro Station on 12th November 2009. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, one of the most trusted public transport service providers, owns and operates this station. 

It is a crucial junction connecting the people of Botanical Garden to the various parts of Delhi NCR in no time. Thus, providing efficient and quick transit solutions to the local population and allowing them to commute smoothly from one place to another.

Botanical Garden Metro Station-At A Glance:

  • Station Name: Botanical Garden (बॉटानिकल गार्डन)
  • Lines: Blue Main Line, Magenta Line
  • Station Layout: Elevated Station
  • Platform Type: Side Platform
  • Location: Noida Region
  • Contact Numbers: 8800793157, 9205682374

Botanical Garden Metro Station-Location And Route Map:

Located at 28° 33′ 51′′ N and 77° 20′ 05′′ E, Botanical Garden Metro Station is a landmark on the Delhi Metro’s Blue Line route. The metro station serves as the terminal for the Magenta Line and an interchange station between the Blue and Magenta Lines of the Delhi Metro network.

The station has four gates for entry and exit, each serving a specific purpose. Gates one, two, and three open towards Captain Vijayat Thapar Marg, while gate four is meant for accessing the station’s multi-level parking. On the Magenta Line, the station serves as the terminal station, connecting Botanical Garden to Janakpuri West.

Since its inauguration in 2017, the Botanical Garden metro station has seen tremendous ridership growth. By June 2018, the station registered 79,000 commuters daily, making it the fourth busiest metro station in Delhi. In 2022, the daily footfall had grown to 1.84 lakh commuters, securing Botanical Garden as the second busiest metro station in the city.

Botanical Garden Metro Station-Facilities:

To make commuting easier for passengers, the Botanical Garden metro station provides various facilities, such as lifts, escalators, and DMRC-authorized parking. 

  1. Elevators:

This Divyang-friendly station has eight lifts and eight escalators, four located outside the station, to enable passengers to reach the concourse from the ground level and vice versa. The remaining four lifts and eight escalators are accessible after paying for admission using a metro card or token to connect the concourse to the platforms. 

  1. Parking Space:

In addition to elevators, the station has DMRC-authorized parking that can accommodate up to 950 vehicles, including approximately 770 two-wheelers and 175 four-wheelers. The paid parking operates on an hourly basis.

  1. Station Facilities:

There are three public washroom facilities – two located on the Unpaid Concourse and one near the unpaid ground level.

  1. Food:

Food is an essential requirement, and Botanical Garden Metro Station has a variety of eateries, such as Ava With Munch, Chaayos Coffee, Domino’s Pizza, Burger King Burger, Barista Coffee, and Food Track IRCTC. 

  1. ATMs:

In addition, a PNB ATM is also present at the metro station to take care of any monetary requirements of passengers. 

  1. Water:

A PILO Water Kiosk has also been set up at the ground level for travelers to buy water easily. 

Therefore, Botanical Garden Metro Station has been equipped with all the basic amenities that a traveler might need, thus making it a convenient destination for commuters.

Botanical Garden Metro Station-Train Timings & Platform:

Botanical Garden Metro Station operates trains towards Noida Electronic City, Dwarka Sec 21, and Janakpuri West. The first train departs at 05:35 AM, and the last departs at 11:59 PM, operating from Platform 1. The first train towards Dwarka Sec 21 and Janakpuri West departs at 05:46 AM, and the last train leaves at 11:10 PM.

Botanical Garden Metro Station-Entry & Exit Gates:

Botanical Garden Metro Station has four entry/exit gates.

  • Gate No. 1 allows entry/exit from Chhalera village, Amity University, Salapur Village, and Bus Terminal Sec. 37.
  • Gate No. 2 allows entry/exit from Amar Shaheed Vijayant Enclave Sector 29, N.M.C. Hospital, Arun Vihar Sec. 37, Bus Terminal Sec. 37, Authority Parking, and Metro Parking.
  • Gate No. 3 allows entry/exit to Authority Parking and Metro Parking.
  • Gate No. 4 allows entry/exit from Amar Shaheed Vijayant Enclave Sector 29, Chhalera village, Amity University, Salapur Village, Bus Terminal Sec. 37, Metro Parking, N.M.C. Hospital and Arun Vihar Sec .37.

Botanical Garden Metro Station-Landmarks:

The Botanical Garden Metro Station in the Noida region offers many attractions and landmarks that visitors should explore. 

  • The Botanic Garden of the Indian Republic is just 800 meters away and is the perfect place to soak in the region’s local beauty and natural wonders. 
  • A little further away, located 1 kilometer away, is the Brahmaputra Market in Sector 29, Noida. This local marketplace is renowned for its products and souvenirs, making it the perfect spot to grab something to take back with you.
  • For a more lively atmosphere, there are two hotspots within 1.3 kilometers of the station – Worlds of Wonder and The Great India Place Mall, both in Sector 38 Noida. Here you will find a variety of entertainment and recreational activities, shops, and food outlets to explore and enjoy.
  • Sector 18 Noida is home to two attractions close to the Botanical Garden Metro Station. 
  • Atta Market, located 1.6 kilometers away, is a vibrant marketplace where one can browse for products and gifts, and the DLF Mall of India is another popular destination 2 kilometers away.
  • The Okhla Bird Sanctuary is 3.5 kilometers from the metro station for those who prefer a quieter spot. This nature park is home to various bird species and other wildlife and is the ideal spot to witness and experience nature at its best.

Botanical Garden Metro-Nearby Real Estate Scenario:

The Botanical Garden Metro Station in Noida is surrounded by many residential sectors, such as Sectors 18, 29, and 37. These sectors have excellent connectivity to the employment hubs of Gurgaon, Delhi, and Noida. Moreover, these localities have plenty of real estate options, including apartments and builder floors, making the area even more desirable.

The nearby Botanical Garden Metro Noida regions offer excellent facilities and easy access to social and retail amenities. Captain Vijayant Thapar Marg, Maharaja Agrasen Marg, and Noida Bypass Flyover are some of the major roads in the vicinity, ensuring connectivity to the surrounding cities. In addition, these localities enjoy convenient transport options, as the Metro’s Blue Line and Magenta Line metro routes are readily accessible. 

Residents can easily visit the famous Brahmaputra Market for their daily shopping needs. Further, the area offers several prominent malls, including The Great India Place, Gardens Galleria Mall, and DLF Mall of India. All of these locations are within easy reach from Botanical Garden Metro Station.

Residential Projects Near Botanical Garden Metro Station:

Some of the major residential projects near Botanical Garden Metro Station are:

  1. Brahmaputra Apartment:

Located a mere 950 meters away from Botanical Garden Metro Station, Brahmaputra Apartment offers a safe and luxurious abode. Spread across 4 acres of lush green environs, and the property has 35 towers housing 345 two and three-BHK configurations. Residents can choose between 1396 to 1650 sq. ft. in size and enjoy prices ranging from Rs. 6000- 8500 per square foot.

Amenities like a secure and ample parking space, round-the-clock security, Rain Water Harvesting, Water Storage, DTH Television Facility, and Maintenance Staff promise a truly indulgent living experience. Moreover, the vicinity of Botanical Garden Metro Station ensures convenience, making this project one of the most significant residential projects in the area.

  1. Major Udai Apartments:

Major Udai Apartments is a residential project located 1.6 km from the Botanical Garden Metro station in Noida. It covers an area of three acres, with 60 towers housing apartments of two and three BHK configurations. 

The project offers two types of flats, with 2 BHK of 1100 sq ft. and 3 BHK from 1125 to 1350 sq ft. Prices range from Rs. 7182 – 8182 per square foot. 

Major Udai Apartments provides a variety of amenities, including security, parks, DTH television facilities, flower gardens, water storage, squash and badminton courts, and a meditation area. These features offer comfort and relaxation to its residents while ensuring they stay safe and secure. In addition, the easy access to the Botanical Garden Metro station provides its occupants with a convenient commuting option.

  1. Lord Mahavira Apartment:

Lord Mahavira Apartment is the latest residential development located 1.6 km from the Botanical Garden Metro Station. The complex is spread across four acres and offers an array of spacious three-bedroom, hall, and kitchen flats of size 1500 square feet each.

At Rs. 6333 per square foot, these exclusive flats are designed to ensure comfortable and luxurious living. All the amenities necessary for a high-quality lifestyle are also taken care of, with 24-hour water supply, 100% power backup, 24-hour security, and a dedicated team of maintenance staff.

  1. Arun Vihar:

Arun Vihar is an attractive residential property located 1.5 km away from the Botanical Garden Metro Station. Sprawling across 300 acres, it offers a vast range of options in terms of residential dwellings. Its offerings include 4752 towers comprising one, two, and three BHK residential apartments, one to four BHK residential houses, and three BHK builder floor apartments.

This project, along with its impeccable structures, is packed with remarkable amenities such as security, a park, and a play area specifically designed for kids. 

The average size of the dwellings here is 2000 square feet, and the per square feet rate stands at a competitive Rs. 6750.

Delhi Metro Safety Tips And Guidelines:

Delhi Metro is a safe and convenient way of transportation in Delhi and its adjoining areas. However, a few tips and rules should be followed to make the journey even safer.

  • Valid tokens or smart cards are a must to enter the station, and in case of not having either, a fine of Rs.50/- will be imposed. 
  • No smoking, drinking, or eating is allowed inside station premises, trains, and metro areas; the fine is Rs.200/-. 
  • A minimum charge of Rs.100/- for buying a smart card has to be done, of which Rs.50/- is non-refundable, and the rest is fare. 
  • Carrying flammable materials, firearms, and explosives is strictly prohibited, and it can result in a four-year imprisonment and Rs.5000/- fine. 
  • Pets are also prohibited in the metro; the maximum baggage weight should not exceed 15kg. 
  • Moreover, seats are reserved for women, children, and the elderly, so one should always offer their seat in need. 

By following the mentioned safety tips and rules, Delhi Metro passengers can ensure that their journey is safe and comfortable.


Botanical Garden Metro Station is an essential connection along one of the busiest routes of the Delhi Metro network. Situated near Noida, this station provides easy access to some of the most sought-after educational, commercial, and employment centers of Noida, Gurgaon, and Delhi. 

Property prices in this area have rapidly risen due to the great demand. Therefore, this market offers great potential for investors looking for long-term returns and buyers seeking luxurious homes. 

In addition to that, this area also boasts some of the best social and commercial infrastructure. All these factors add to the location’s appeal, making it an ideal choice for potential property buyers and investors.

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