SR Nagar Metro Station- Route Map And Popular Places

The Hyderabad Metro is a blessing for city residents, ensuring they can travel easily and comfortably. It is India’s second longest-operating metro system, with the SR Nagar Metro Station Hyderabad being the busiest on the Red Line. This 29-kilometre line is equipped with three-coach trains, each travelling3 up to 80 km/h. The line is serviced by the 25 kV Alternating current from the overhead wires, allowing for a headway of four to ten minutes.

Sr Nagar Metro Station

The convenience of the metro station is amplified through its other features. Parking, Feeder Bus services, ATMs, Interchange of lines, and more, make the SR Nagar Metro Station route all the more appealing to commuters. One of the few options to travel hassle-free amidst the chaotic Hyderabad road traffic, it is the perfect answer for citizens seeking an easier way to move around.

It makes getting from one point to another less of a headache and offers the necessary resources to make commuting a pleasant experience. Through such advances, the SR Nagar Metro Station continues to be a part of a larger transportation movement. Offering more efficient means of transport, it brings together the people of Hyderabad one journey at a time.

SR Nagar Metro Station- Location:

The Red Line of Hyderabad Metro houses the S R Nagar metro station, which commenced public operations on November 29, 2017. Located at Mumbai Highway, Moti Nagar, Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar Office Area, Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500038, the S R Nagar metro station serves the public transportation needs of the area.

SR Nagar Metro Station- Route Map:

The Red Line of the Hyderabad Metro has around 27 stations, with ESI Metro Station being the previous station of SR Nagar Metro Station and Ameerpet being the next station. The earliest train from SR Nagar towards ESI is at 6:51 in the morning, and the last train is at 10:51 in the evening. For the opposite direction, from Ameerpet to SR Nagar, the first train is at 6:53 AM, and the last is at 10:53 PM.

Taking the metro is a great choice for avoiding traffic during peak office hours, covering a longer distance in less time, and saving much money. Furthermore, it is also an environmentally friendly way to travel.

The Hyderabad Metro Red Line route includes many stations, with LB Nagar being the last. Here is a list of stations starting from Miyapur, the first station of this route:

  1. Miyapur
  2. JNTU College
  3. KPHB Colony
  4. Kukatpally
  5. Balanagar
  6. Moosapet
  7. Bharatnagar
  8. Erragadda
  9. ESI Hospital
  10. SR Nagar
  11. Ameerpet
  12. Punjagutta
  13. Irrumanzil
  14. Khairatabad
  15. Ladkikapul
  16. Assembly
  17. Nampally
  18. Gandhi Bhavan
  19. Osmania Medical College
  20. MGBS
  21. Malakpet
  22. New Market
  23. Moosarambagh
  24. Dilshuknagar
  25. Chaitanyapuri
  26. Victoria Memorial
  27. LB Nagar

The Hyderabad Metro Red Line offers easy access to important landmarks, including educational institutes, shopping malls and recreational centres. Apart from making the journey comfortable for commuters, it is also environmentally friendly as it produces very little noise and emissions, making it one of the city’s most sought-after modes of transportation.

SR Nagar Metro Station- Distance To Popular Places:

SR Nagar Metro Station is the most convenient station for travellers and locals looking to explore popular places around Hyderabad. Here is a brief guide to the distances of various popular places from the SR Nagar Metro station.

  • Railway: Begumpet Railway Station is just 3 km from SR Nagar Metro Station. To get to the station, one must take the 1st train towards LB Nagar, Platform 2 on the Red Line and then change and take the train towards Nagole, Platform 1 on the Blue Line. With this, one can reach Begumpet station in 6 minutes.
  • Charminar: Located at a distance of 3.2 km from SR Nagar, one needs to take the train towards LB Nagar, Platform 2 on the Red Line and get down at MG Bus Station. From there, they will find the majestic Charminar just a few meters away.
  • Bus Stop: SR Nagar Metro Station has a bus stop right next to it, which can be reached by walking for 2 minutes. All the prime locations of Hyderabad can be accessed through buses available here.
  • Hyderabad Central Mall: The mall is a distance of 4.7 km away from the station. While walking would take about 28 minutes, taking the metro train from the SR Nagar station would take only 12 minutes.

In summary, travellers and locals can easily explore attractions in and around Hyderabad from the SR Nagar Metro Station.

SR Nagar Metro Station- Structure And Design:

The SR Nagar Metro station in Hyderabad has a modern, elevated design and features four entry gates.

Gate A provides entry to Legend CA Junior College and HDFC Bank. Gate B has a pathway to Vengal Rao Nagar Road, Sri Chaitanya CA Academy. Gate C opens up to the Umesh Chandra Statue, Gauthami Degree College, and Gate D is the access route to SR Nagar Road No.1, ICICI Bank.

The station’s infrastructure consists of three levels – street, concourse, and platform. It has been designed to give travellers maximum convenience and flexibility. It offers well-connected access between bus routes and taxi services to the SR Nagar station. It also features excellent safety and security services and wheelchair-accessible ramps. There are ATMs and information counters at the concourse level to make travellers’ experience more efficient.

The SR Nagar metro station has been designed and structured as modern, functional, and eco-friendly. Its well-equipped access routes make it a reliable and secure platform for passengers travelling around Hyderabad.

SR Nagar Metro Station- In A Nutshell:

  • The SR Nagar Metro Station opened on November 29, 2017, and is operated by the Hyderabad Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (HMRL). Its station code is SRN, and it is situated on the Red Line of the SR Nagar Metro.
  • The SR Nagar Metro Station is an elevated structure featuring two platforms. Before the station was built, commuters had to board at the ESI Metro Station. After the station is Ameerpet Metro Station.
  • In the event of an inquiry, the HMRL can be contacted via email: or by telephone on +91 40 23332555.

As the only way to cross the city in minutes, the SR Nagar Metro Station is an incredibly important and popular piece of infrastructure for the citizens of Hyderabad. Its elevation and modernity will surely provide an even greater boost to local transport needs in the coming years.

SR Nagar Metro Station- Amenities:

The SR Nagar Metro Station in Hyderabad is bustling with commuters every day. The station offers easy access to beautiful landmarks, making it a great spot to explore the city.

To ensure the safety of passengers, the station has a comprehensive CCTV Camera System. This system helps identify potential security threats and keeps passengers safe. In addition, for added convenience, there are escalators for passengers to get around.

Unfortunately, no ATMs or vending machines are available at the station, so travellers must make do with what they bring. This makes it essential for passengers to prepare their belongings in advance and have sufficient resources when they come to the station.

Despite the lack of ATMs and vending machines, Hyderabad’s SR Nagar Metro Station is always bustling with activity. It is one of the busiest metro stations in the city, and visitors will never be disappointed with their experience here.

SR Nagar Metro Station: Distance To Landmarks

S.R. Nagar Metro Station is conveniently located in Hyderabad, with many landmarks nearby.

  • The S.R. Nagar Police Station is 1.4 kilometres away from the station. A relatively short distance, travellers to the station are provided with an additional layer of security and assistance if needed.
  • Just 1.1 kilometres away, Sri Chaitanya CA Academy offers various services, such as coaching and tuition. Students, or their parents, conveniently located, can easily access these resources when travelling to or from the S.R. Nagar Metro Station.
  • The Prime Hospital is just 900 meters away if medical services are needed. Visitors are only a short journey away from necessary health care.
  • A similar distance of 950 meters is the location of the Passport Sewa Kendra. Essential passport applications, renewals, and corrections can all be made within a brief journey from the S.R. Nagar Metro Station.
  • Lastly, the Indian Institute of Health Welfare is a mere 750 meters from the S.R. Nagar Metro Station. Their state-of-the-art equipment allows for convenient and quick health-related service.

The S.R. Nagar Metro Station is in a very advantageous position, allowing access to many essential and beneficial services, all within a close distance.

SR Nagar Metro Station- Nearby Restaurants:

If you’re looking for a spot to grab a meal, the SR Nagar metro station has plenty of eateries. For a luxurious dining experience, there’s Moghul’s Paradiez Restaurant just 800 meters away. If you’re in the mood for something a bit more casual, Smokey Street is only 600 meters away. If you want something even more affordable, there’s Mad Eats just 1 kilometre away. No matter your budget, there’s something for everyone near the metro station!

SR Nagar Metro Station- Nearby Properties:

If you are looking for a home near SR Nagar Metro Station, you are in luck because there are many nearby properties. Here are some of the most premium ones available:

  • Sai Durga Towers – only 270 meters away from the metro station.
  • Apex Anusha Classic – 1.7 kilometres away from the metro station.
  • Aditya Ganesh Nivas – 1.9 kilometres away from the metro station.

You also have multiple options to purchase or rent a commercial complex. These include:

  • Swarna Jayanti Complex – 900 meters away from the metro station.
  • Kulkarni Manor – 1.1 kilometres away from the metro station.
  • Ramya Enclave – 2.1 kilometres away from the metro station.

So if you’re looking for a place near SR Nagar Metro Station, be sure to check out the wide range of properties in the area and choose the one that best fits your needs!

SR Nagar Metro Station- Parking:

The SR Nagar Metro Station in Hyderabad offers visitors a convenient way to park their vehicles. This parking space is equipped with several dedicated parking spots. With secure lighting and video surveillance to ensure that all cars parked there remain safe and secure, metro users can feel secure when using the car park.

SR Nagar Metro Station- Latest Updates:

The Telangana State Government has requested the Federal Government to support its proposal to expand the existing Hyderabad Metro network with an additional 26-kilometre route connecting BHEL and Lakdikapul. This phase 2 expansion consists of two components: the main route of 26 kilometres with 23 stops from BHEL in the northwest to Lakdikapul in the city centre and a 5-kilometre connecting route with four stops from Nagole to LB Nagar.

In addition to the expansion, the government has introduced an incentive program to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Hyderabad Metro Rail. This involves a loyalty card scheme, similar to a lottery system, with customers eligible to win discounts or benefits if their ID number matches the one randomly selected. If a winner is identified, they will be taken to the nearest metro station to receive their reward.

This expansion and loyalty program is expected to benefit Hyderabad’s citizens and boost the state’s economic prosperity while further expanding public transportation options.

SR Nagar Metro Station- (Helpline) Customer Care:

If you have any queries or need further information about the SR Nagar metro station, you can reach out to the following contact number or email:

  • Address: Near Mumbai Highway, Moti Nagar, Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar Office Area, Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500038
  • Contact Number: 040 2338 8587
  • Email:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the popular landmarks near SR Nagar Metro Station?

A: SR Nagar Metro Station is located in the city’s heart and is well-connected to several popular landmarks and destinations. Some of the nearby places to visit include the Kukatpally Housing Board Colony, the Sri Kotla Vijaybhaskar Reddy Botanical Garden, and the Buddha Statue located in Hussain Sagar Lake. Commuters can easily reach these places using the Metro or by taking a cab or auto-rickshaw from the station.

Q: Is there a parking facility available at SR Nagar Metro Station?

A: SR Nagar Metro Station has a dedicated parking facility available for commuters who wish to park their vehicles while taking the Metro. The parking area is adjacent to the station and can accommodate many two-wheelers and four-wheelers. Commuters can pay the parking fee at the time of exit using cash or a digital payment method. The station also has a dedicated drop-off and pick-up zone for passengers using cabs or autos to reach the station.


In conclusion, Hyderabad’s SR Nagar Metro Station has become integral to the city, connecting people from far and wide. It offers an economical mode of transportation to popular attractions, offices, and colleges. By offering reliable services and continuously improving its network, the Hyderabad Metro has empowered its citizens and made commuting easy.

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