Koyambedu Metro Station: Location And Facts

 This metro station is located in the west of Chennai city, known as the Koyambedu. It is a central hub in the city. Thanks to the Koyambedu market and the Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminal (CMBT). The Koyambedu metro station remains busy throughout the year, with people visiting the vegetables and fruits market or wanting to go to the CMBT.

The locality around the Koyambedu area has houses that have expensive residential layouts and constructions, which has increased the daily footfalls in the Koyambedu metro station of the Chennai Metro

The Koyambedu metro station is on the Green Line of the Chennai metro, serving the whole part of Koyambedu and its surrounding areas. The station was structurally completed in 2012 but opened to the public only in 2015, i.e. three years later, and is still actively Running.

Koyambedu metro station

Koyambedu is close to many other essential city areas, including Vadapalani, KK Nagar, Valasaravakkam, and Ashok Pillar. This has made the metro one of the most utilized transportation modes in the city by students and working individuals. People also relocate to Chennai for better opportunities as it also provides better quality of life, just like the metro services in this capital city of Tamil Nadu.

As we know, the Koyambedu Metro Station is an essential station of the Chennai Metro located in the Koyambedu area of the city. It is a part of the Chennai Metro Rail Corporation, a rapid transit system that serves the city of Chennai and its suburbs. 

The station was opened on 29th June 2015, 7 years ago, as part of the first phase of the Chennai Metro Rail project and served as the junction point for two lines – the Green Line from Chennai Central to St. Thomas Mount and the blue line from Chennai Airport to Alandur. It is the only station serving both tubes, making it a key station in the system.

The station has four platforms, two for the Blue and Green Lines. It is the busiest station in the Chennai Metro network, handling an average of 45,000 commuters daily. The station has several facilities for the convenience of passengers, including ticket vending machines, automated teller machines, and ticket counters.

The station also has restrooms, refreshment stalls, and a medical center. The station is well connected to other parts of the city by bus services, auto rickshaws, and four-wheeler cabs.

There are also numerous shops, restaurants, and other commercial establishments nearby. The station is one of the most important transit points for commuters in the city, and it is often crowded during peak hours. The station is well-maintained, and the facilities are of good quality.

It is also well-lit and has plenty of security personnel to ensure the safety of the passengers.  The station also has several amenities, such as elevators and escalators, which makes it convenient for the elderly and disabled commuters to access it. Koyambedu Metro Station is an essential station in the Chennai Metro network and is the junction of two important lines.

It is a busy station, handling many commuters daily, and is well-equipped with all the necessary facilities. The station is well-maintained and provides a safe and comfortable environment for passengers. In this article, we will learn more about the Koyambedu Metro Station of the Chennai Metro, so keep looking forward.

Koyambedu Metro Station Chennai-Location:

Koyambedu metro station is located on the Chennai-Vellore Road and is walkable from the Koyambedu market. The complete station address is given below.

Koyambedu metro station, Chennai-Vellore Road, Koyambedu-600107, Chennai, India.

This is an elevated double-track station and also comes with a parking facility. The geo-coordinates of the station are 13.073249°N and 80.191584°E.

For easy access, you can also locate this metro station on digital maps such as Google Maps.

About Koyambedu Metro Station Chennai, Tamil Nadu:

The Chennai Metro’s Koyambedu metro station is on the actively running Green Line route, Line 2. This station has been operational since 2015 and remains busy from morning until night because it is considered one of the busiest metro stations.

This station serves the vendors and visitors of the Koyambedu market, people commuting to CMBT, and those staying in and around Koyambedu. The station can handle 23,000 passengers every hour daily, and this location also includes a 30-kV receiving substation as a part of the supportive well-maintained infrastructure. There are also plans to create office spaces and shopping opportunities in and around the station in the upcoming future.

There are three levels within the station mentioned below, along with what they include. Look at these levels:

  • G – The ground level includes the entrance/exit gates and the parking area.
  • L1 – This is the Mezzanine floor that includes the MetroCard vending machines, the crossovers, the help desks, and the ATMs.
  • L2 – Once you pass the crossovers, you will reach level L2, which houses the two platforms, 1 and 2. Platform 1 is southbound and goes towards St. Thomas Mount. Platform 2 is northbound and goes towards Chennai Central. Platform 1 is a side platform, while 2 is an island platform. Another track in this level goes towards the Koyambedu Depot.

The Koyambedu metro station in Chennai is Disabled friendly, i.e. it assists. A wheelchair facility inside the station is fully staffed, so passengers can take help wherever needed.

Koyambedu Metro Station, Chennai – Quick Facts:

Here are some quick facts about the Koyambedu Metro Station, Chennai, which are important to know:


Koyambedu Metro Station


Koyambedu, Chennai 600107

Main Line

Green Line of Chennai Metro

Preceding and Proceeding Stations

CMBT and Thirumangalam







Station Code




Opened on



Ground, L1, L2

Koyambedu Metro Station-Facilities:

Below are the facilities available at the Koyambedu metro station, Chennai, as follows:

  • Elevators
  • Staircases
  • Customer care desks
  • Ramps for differently-abled people
  • Restrooms
  • Breastfeeding rooms
  • Clear passenger information display boards
  • Parking facilities
  • Security Surveillance 

Koyambedu Metro Station, Chennai-Route Map:

Here is the image of the Koyambedu Metro Station Route Map, Chennai. Take a look to get a better understanding of this metro station.

  • The Green Line of the Chennai Metro System was a part of the first phase of the metro line laid in the city, and the Koyambedu metro station falls approximately at the prime centre of the line. The Green Line starts from St. Thomas Mount on the southern end and goes up to the Chennai Central Railway Station on the northern side. 
  • Koyambedu metro station distance from the St. Thomas Mount station is about 13 km, and from the Central Railway station is about 11 km. 
  • The Koyambedu metro station in Chennai is the eighth station from St. Thomas Mount and the tenth station from the Central railway station.
  • Right now, there are just two active metro lines in Chennai, Green and Blue. The Blue Line and the Green Line connect with one another in two stations right now – Alandur and Chennai Central. The Green Line extends for 22 km and has 17 halts.
  • The trains travel 80 km per hour on the Green Line so you can go from Koyambedu to Chennai Central in minutes. 

Koyambedu Metro Station, Chennai-Distance To Popular Places:

Here are some popular places that can be easily visited or explored through this Koyambedu Metro Station as it is very close in the distance from these places, are mentioned below: 

  • Mofussil Bus Stand: The CMBT metro station connects directly to the Mofussil Bus Stand, and most private and public intercity buses start and terminate from here. The CMBT metro station is the immediate stop from the Koyambedu Metro Station, and it takes about 8 minutes to travel between these stations. It is very convenient for people as well.
  • Anna Nagar and Tirumangalam: These are posh and highly populated residential areas in Chennai, and there are a lot of educational institutions around here too. Tirumangalam is the next station northwards from the Koyambedu Metro Station Chennai, and Anna Nagar Tower is the second station from here. The Anna Nagar Tower station is 4 km from the Koyambedu metro station.
  • Egmore and Central Railway Station: Two railway stations are popular in Chennai. The Egmore railway station is for intrastate trains, while the Chennai Central Railway Station is for interstate trains. The Koyambedu Metro Station Chennai enables direct access to both railway stations on the Green Line. The Egmore and the Central railway stations are the 8th and 9th stations from Koyambedu.
  • Airport: The route is straightforward if you want to travel from the Koyambedu metro station in Chennai to the airport. Hop onto a Southbound train from the metro station and get off at Alandur. You must change to the Blue Line here and then get off at the Chennai International Airport. 

Koyambedu Metro Station, Chennai-Distance To Nearby Landmarks:

Here are some of the popular landmarks that are close to this Metro Station, as you can check their respective distance from the Koyambedu Metro Station, Chennai:



Koyambedu Market

450 m

Crown Residences by Baashyaam Constructions

1.8 km

VR Mall Chennai

2.5 km

Maduravoyal Police Station

2.6 km

Restaurants Near Koyambedu Metro Station, Chennai:

There are several restaurants and eateries near the Koyambedu Metro Station. Many of the restaurants below are within 1 km of the metro station. You can hail an auto-rickshaw or walk from this metro station to reach the eateries listed below, as everything is mentioned in the table: 



Mr. Burger Koyambedu

100 m

Suprabatham Veg Restaurant

650 m

Metro Kitchen

400 m

Salsa Multicuisine Restaurant

1.1 km

Igloo Restaurant Rooftop

1.8 km

Properties Near Koyambedu Metro Station, Chennai:

Koyambedu is a perfect combination of residential societies and commercial activities. It is also one of the city’s central hubs, so residential properties are always in demand. People always prefer places to live where they get good communication and connectivity with other parts of the city. The metro system is the best and most demanding deal among home buyers in these areas. 

Multiple properties in and around the Koyambedu Metro Station Chennai are available for rent or purchase. Some of them are mentioned below. Take a look at these properties.

  1. Marutham Neptune– This under-construction property in Nerkundram is 3.3 km from the Koyambedu Metro Station. With five floors and 120 apartments, this property has all basic amenities and features spread across 1.88 acres. The prices of individual apartments start at INR 6639/sq. ft.
  2. MF Mithra – MF Mithra is an upcoming residential property on Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Koyambedu. The property will have three floors, and the prices range between INR 1.08 Crore and INR 1.75 Crore. There will be 16 residential units available, ready for moving in by March 2023. The residential complex is 4.6 km from Koyambedu Metro Station.
  3. Appaswamy Triumph – Appaswamy Triumph is a ready-to-move property in Arumbakkam with 108 units. This is a posh residential area in the city, and the prices of properties range between INR 1.24 Crore and INR 1.65 Crore. It is located 2.5 km from Koyambedu Metro Station Chennai.
  4. Oyster Delights– This is ready to move to an apartment complex in Arumbakkam, approximately 2.5 km from the Koyambedu Metro Station. All top amenities are included in the property; there are a total of six units available.

These are some residential places near the Koyambedu Metro Station, Chennai, along with their status of Completion or rental advice.

Commercial Complexes Near Koyambedu Metro Station, Chennai:

The Koyambedu Metro Station is also known as the center for commercial activities in that region. There are a lot of commercial complexes close to the metro station. Some are mentioned below:

Commercial complex


CMRL Admin Office

700 m

Koyambedu Market

450 m

Mandal Revenue Office

650 m

Tamilan Television Office

1.6 km

Koyambedu Sewage Treatment Plant

1.7 km

Chennai Ford

2.4 km

Parking At Koyambedu Metro Station, Chennai:

The parking facilities are available at the Koyambedu Metro Station in Chennai. It is also a key point of a metro station as it benefits the commuters who travel via the metro. Outside the metro station, a parking lot spans 1500 square meters and can allot space to approx. 800 vehicles.

Cycles can be parked free of cost here. For two and four-wheelers, the below are parking charges when last checked, and the reasonable parking charges table is mentioned. Take a look at these charges carefully, as they are charged upon hours only:


Cars (INR)

Two-wheelers (INR)

0-3 Hrs



3-6 Hrs



6-12 Hrs



More than 12 Hours



Beyond Service Hrs (Night Halt)

200/Per Night

100/Per Night


If you are traveling to Koyambedu, check for the nearest metro stations and find a train that takes you to Koyambedu Metro Station. This is Chennai’s quickest, Busiest, and most affordable transportation mode. You can also avoid severe road congestion throughout the day.

This metro station is maintained well, and trains are available frequently. As a result, it is easy to go from Koyambedu to any part of the city in the shortest possible time. The Koyambedu Metro Station is the last station on the Chennai Metro route. It is located in the northern part of Chennai and is the northernmost station on the Metro route.

The station is connected to the Koyambedu Market and the nearby bus terminus, making it a convenient hub for commuters. The station has four platforms and two entry points, with the first entry point being the Koyambedu Metro Station and the second entry point being the Koyambedu Market. 

The station is fully air-conditioned and equipped with escalators and lifts for the convenience of all passengers. The station also has a ticketing office, a waiting area, and other amenities. The Koyambedu Metro Station is an important station on the Chennai Metro route.

It is an essential junction for commuters traveling from the northern parts of Chennai to other parts of the city. The station is also well connected to other metro lines, allowing passengers to travel to other parts of the city easily. The Koyambedu Metro Station is a significant landmark in the city of Chennai.

It is a modern, well-maintained station and a considerable convenience source for commuters. The station is a central public transport hub in Chennai and serves as an essential link between the northern parts of the city and other parts of Chennai.

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