Nehru Enclave Metro Station: Landmarks And Facilities

Delhi is the capital city of India and is situated in the northern piece of the country. A cosmopolitan city is known for its rich history, different culture, and current foundation. Delhi is partitioned into a few regulatory locales, each with its remarkable person and attractions.

Nehru Enclave is a neighbourhood situated in the southern piece of Delhi. It is arranged in the Kalkaji Expansion territory, contiguous to the rich, more prominent Kailash area. Nehru Enclave is a much-arranged local location with a blend of skyscraper lofts and individual houses.

The region is associated with the remainder of the city through the Delhi Metro, with the Nehru Enclave Metro Station on the Fuchsia Line. Nehru Enclave is a famous local location because of its proximity to significant business habitats, such as Nehru Spot and Okhla Modern Region.

Nehru Enclave Metro Station

It is also home to instructive organisations, including the Deshbandhu School and the Master Nanak Dev Polytechnic. In addition, the region has a few stops and green spaces, including the Nehru Enclave Park, a well-known objective for morning walkers and joggers. Delhi and Nehru Enclave areas offer a unique blend of modern amenities and rich cultural heritage, making them attractive destinations for tourists and residents.

Nehru Enclave Metro Station:

Nehru EnclaveMetro Station is a metro station on the Magenta Line of the Delhi Metro in the Nehru Enclave area of Delhi, India. The station was opened for public use on May 29, 2018.

The Nehru Area Metro Station is a raised station between the Kalkaji Mandir Metro Station and the Kalkaji Mandir Metro Station. It serves the local locations of Nehru Territory, Kalkaji Expansion, and, more noteworthy, Kailash Area Part II.

The station has a cutting-edge plan and is furnished with offices like elevators, lifts, and CCTV cameras for security.It likewise has a stopping office for workers. The Nehru EnclaveMetro Station is a famous method of transportation for suburbanites going to and from different pieces of Delhi.

Delhi Metro Magenta Line:

The Delhi Magenta Line is a metro line of the Delhi Metro network that associates the Janakpuri West station in West Delhi with the Professional flowerbed station in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The line has an all-out length of 38.2 km and 25 stations, including 10 underground and 15 raised stations.

The  Magenta Line was opened in two Platforms. The main stage, from Greenhouse to Kalkaji Mandir, was introduced in December 2017, while the subsequent location, from Kalkaji Mandir to Janakpuri West, was opened in May 2018. The line is variety coded in fuchsia and is effectively conspicuous on the Delhi Metro map.

The  Magenta Line gives a pivotal east-west network in Delhi, interfacing with significant regions like Vasant Vihar, Munirka, Hauz Khas, Saket, and Nehru Spot. It also interfaces important business habitats, such as the homegrown and global air terminals, the Hauz Khas and Saket business regions, and the Noida-More prominent Noida Turnpike.

In addition, the Magenta Line has a few high-level elements, including cooled trains, programmed toll assortment frameworks, and high-level correspondence and flagging frameworks. The line likewise has a few eco-accommodating highlights, like sunlight-based chargers for energy age and waste administration frameworks.

Nehru Enclave Metro Station-Design And Structure:

Nehru EnclaveMetro Station is a metro station in the Nehru Area region of South Delhi, India. It is essential for the Magenta Line of the Delhi Metro organisation and was opened in May 2018. The station is between the metro stations of Kalkaji Mandir and, More noteworthy, Kailash on the Magenta Line.

The Nehru EnclaveMetro Station has a cutting-edge and smooth plan that is normal for most Delhi Metro stations. The station has two levels – the concourse level and the stage level. The concourse level is situated over the ground, with tagging counters, robotised admission assortment doors, and other traveller conveniences like data booths, shops, and bathrooms.

The stage level is underneath the ground and can be reached through lifts or steps. The stage level has two platforms isolated by tracks for the all-over trains. The Platforms are furnished with conveniences like seating, signage, and traveller data shows.

The station has a unique engineering highlight as a wall painting planned by the eminent craftsman Anpu Varkey. The image is situated on the concourse level and portrays the set of experiences and culture of Delhi through a progression of brilliant and mind-boggling delineations.

The Nehru EnclaveMetro Station is likewise outfitted with a few security highlights, for example, fire insurance frameworks, crisis cautions, and shut circuit TV cameras for observation. The station is intended to be open to individuals with handicaps, with highlights, for example, wheelchair slopes, material clearing, and perceptible signs.

Nehru Enclave Metro Station-Platforms:

Nehru EnclaveMetro Station is on the Maroon Line of the Delhi Metro. The station has two platforms, one for every bearing of movement.

The Platforms at Nehru EnclaveMetro Station are intended to oblige six-mentor to prepare for the sudden spike in demand for the Maroon Line. Every stage is around 140 meters in length and 12 meters wide. The Platforms are covered with a rooftop to shield travellers from the sun and downpours.

The Platforms are furnished with different conveniences, including seating regions, Drove show loads that give ongoing data about train appearance and takeoff timings, CCTV cameras for security, and public location frameworks that make declarations.

The station has arrangements for incapacitated travellers, including wheelchair inclines, material ground surfaces, and lifts. The Platforms likewise have yellow material tiles that guide outwardly hindered travellers towards the stage edge. The Platforms at Nehru EnclaveMetro Station are planned and outfitted with contemporary conveniences to give travellers a secure and open driving experience.

Nehru Enclave Metro Station-Facilities:

Nehru EnclaveMetro Station is a cutting-edge and exceptional metro station on the Red Line of the Delhi Metro. The station has a few offices to make driving more straightforward and agreeable for travellers. A portion of the offices accessible at Nehru EnclaveMetro Station include:

  • Lifts and elevators: The station has elevators and lifts to work with the development of travellers between the station concourse and the stages. These offices are especially useful for older travellers or those with portability issues.
  • Robotised toll assortment (AFC) doors: Nehru EnclaveMetro Station has AFC entryways that acknowledge smart cards and tokens for passage instalments. The station likewise has re-energized offices for smart cards.
  • Data shows: The station has Driven show loads that give consistent data about train appearance, takeoff timings, and other significant declarations.
  • Client care focus: The station has a client care focus that gives data about the metro framework, charge assortment, and other related administrations. Travellers can likewise seek help from the station staff at the client care focus.
  • Security game plans: The station has CCTV cameras and a security workforce to guarantee the well-being and security of travellers.
  • Leaving office: Nehru EnclaveMetro Station has a leaving office for workers who wish to go their vehicles and take the metro.
  • Wi-Fi: The station gives a free Wi-Fi network to travellers to get to the web.

Nehru Enclave Metro Station-Food Court:

Nehru Enclave Metro Station on the Magenta Line of the Delhi Metro doesn’t have a food court. In any case, there are a few choices for food and beverages accessible nearby the station. Little diners and food slow down near the station and offer various nearby and road food options.

These incorporate bites like chaat, samosas, sandwiches, and refreshments; they prefer tea, espresso, and cold beverages. Furthermore, there are a few eateries and restaurants situated inside close to the station. These deal with more food and drink choices, including Indian, Chinese, and Mainland cooking.

Tourist Places Around Nehru Enclave Metro Station:

Nehru Enclave Metro Station is situated in the southern piece of Delhi, and a few vacationers can be handily gotten to using the Delhi Metro. The following are a couple of famous vacation places around Nehru EnclaveMetro Station:

  • Lotus Temple: The Lotus Temple is a popular Bahai place of worship around 3 km from Nehru Enclave Metro Station. A wonderful temple is formed like a lotus bloom and draws guests everywhere.
  • Qutub Minar: The Qutub Minar is a UNESCO World Legacy Site around 8 km from Nehru Enclave Metro Station. A 73-meter tall pinnacle was underlying the twelfth hundred years and is one of Delhi’s most famous vacation spots.
  • Humayun’s Tomb: Humayun’s Tomb is a UNESCO World Legacy Site around 10 km from Nehru Enclave Metro Station. A grand mausoleum was underlying the sixteenth 100 years and is the last resting spot of the Mughal ruler Humayun.
  • Hauz Khas Village: Hauz Khas Village is a stylish area in South Delhi, around 7 km from Nehru Enclave Metro Station. It is known for its dynamic nightlife, artistry exhibitions, restaurants, and shops.
  • India Gate: India Gate is a well-known milestone in Delhi, around 14 km from Nehru Enclave Metro Station. A conflict remembrance was underlying memory of the Indian fighters who passed on in World War I, and it is a well-known spot for picnics and night strolls.

Nehru Enclave Metro Station-Nearby Residential Societies:

Nehru Enclave Metro Station is in the Nehru area of Kalkaji, a private room in South Delhi. There are a few private social orders and settlements nearby the metro station. The following are a couple of them:

  • Kalkaji Expansion: Kalkaji Expansion is a neighbourhood found only a few moment’s strolls from Nehru Enclave Metro Station. A much-arranged area offers various lodging choices, including condos and free houses.
  • Greater Kailash: More noteworthy, Kailash is an elegant private area around 2 km from Nehru Enclave Metro Station. It is a famous region among the wealthy class of Delhi and is known for its upscale eateries, shops, and markets.
  • Chittaranjan Park: Chittaranjan Park, or CR Park, is a private settlement around 3 km from Nehru Enclave Metro Station. It is a dominating Bengali area known for its social and culinary contributions.
  • Govindpuri: Govindpuri is a private settlement around 2 km from Nehru Enclave Metro Station. A thickly populated region offers various lodging choices, from little condos to free houses.
  • Alaknanda: Alaknanda is a private area around 5 km from Nehru Enclave Metro Station. A very arranged region is known for its vegetation and calm environmental elements.

Nehru Enclave Metro Station-Parking Facility:

Nehru Enclave Metro Station has a leaving office accessible for suburbanites who wish to leave their vehicles while utilising the metro administration. The Delhi Metro Rail Company (DMRC) has overseen the stopping office near the metro station.

The leaving office is open 24 hours daily, and bike and four-wheeler vehicles are permitted. The stopping charges are ostensible and depend on the span of stopping.

Here are the stopping charges for the Nehru Enclave Metro Station:

  • For bikes: Rs. 5 for the initial two hours and Rs. 10 for each extra hour
  • For four-wheelers: Rs. 10 for the initial two hours and Rs. 20 for each additional hour


Nehru Enclave Metro Station is a cutting-edge and much-planned metro station in the Kalkaji area of South Delhi. The station fills in as a significant travel point for suburbanites going between different pieces of Delhi and the Public Capital, Locale (NCR).

The station is essential for the Delhi Metro’s Red Line, a fundamental connection in the city’s quickly extending metro organisation. It has cutting-edge offices and conveniences, including lifts, elevators, CCTV observation, and a stopping office.

Nehru Enclave Metro Station is encircled by a few private social orders and settlements, making it a practical transportation choice for nearby individuals. Furthermore, a few vacation destinations are within a brief distance of the station, like the Lotus Temple and the ISKCON Sanctuary. In general, Nehru Enclave Metro Station is an important transportation centre in Delhi, giving a suitable and dependable method of movement for suburbanites and guests. 

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