Kanpur Metro Rail: Route Map, Timings, Fare 2023

The Central Government of India authorised the Kanpur Metro Rail Project in February 2019 and work began on the project that same November. This public transport service runs throughout the city of Kanpur and is managed by the Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation. The Metro network covers a distance of 8.9 km from the Motijheel station to the IIT Kanpur Metro Station.

Kanpur Metro Route,Timings Fare, and Latest News

The main purpose of launching the Metro Rail service in the city of Kanpur was to reduce the heavy traffic congestion that the city often experiences. Once it is fully operational, Kanpur citizens will have access to a world-class transport system. With a population of over 4.1 million people, the industrial city of Kanpur is in dire need of a well-connected Metro system.

Even though constructing a world-class infrastructure in such a densely populated city is not an easy task, the Orange Line project has been a success so far, with the upcoming Blue Line project looking even more promising. Discover more about the Kanpur Metro, its operational routes and Metro stations.

Latest News On The Kanpur Metro Route:

Uttar Pradesh Government, Allocates Rs 585 Crores to Kanpur Metro:

The Uttar Pradesh government, in its budget, allocated Rs 585 Crores for Kanpur metro rail for the year 2023-24. The investment will help complete the metro work for the first corridor. Post completion, the passage will enable people to travel 23 km with ease. The two ends of the first corridor are IIT Kanpur and Naubasta. Presently, the metro on the first corridor is only operational from IIT Kanpur to Motijheel.

The work for the metro from Chunniganj to Naubasta is underway. The network will be underground from Chunniganj to Transport Nagar, and from Ramadevi to Naubasta, it will be overground. If the work is completed on time, the line will be operational by 2024. The second corridor will run from CSA university to Barra-8. It’s an eight km stretch, and the corridor construction will begin shortly.

Tenders for three stations have already been awarded for the second corridor, including Rawatpur, Kakadeo, and Double Puliya. 

Initial Tunnelling Process of Kanpur Metro:

The Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) named ‘Nana’ of the Kanpur Metro Rail Project completed an 84-meter-long tunneling process in August 2022. The machine Nana has built a 4 km long tunnel, and the entire tunnel will be 24 km. Kanpur Metro has two corridors- one from IIT Kanpur to Naubasta and the other from Chandrasekhar Azad Agriculture University to Barra-8.

UG Roof Slab Casting Of Metro Station Commences: 

The Construction work of Phase 1 of the Kanpur Metro route has been going on in full swing. The first slab casting begins at the Naveen Market Metro Station in Kanpur. The higher authorities even conducted a small pooja in its honor.

Kanpur Metro-Quick Facts:

Following are the key details and facts about the Kanpur Metro route which are essential to know: –




Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation

Transit Type

Rapid Transit

Number of lines

Orange Line (Partially operational and under construction)Blue Line (Under construction)

Number of stations

21 stations



Kanpur Metro office address

Kanpur Metro Depot, Gurudev Chauraha, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, 208024, India

Operational date

28 December 2021

Train length 

3 coaches

Kanpur metro timings

Starting: 06:00 AM Last train: 10:00 PM

Terminal station

IIT Kanpur- Naubasta (Orange Line)CSA University - Barra 8 (Blue line)

These are some essential parts of the Kanpur Metro Route which is significant to know so that in future you have easy access in this metro route of Kanpur city.

The Kanpur Metro Route-Timeline of Events:

Year: 2015 

  • The foundations of Kanpur Metro Rail Corporation (KMRP/UPMC) were laid and proposed.
  • A report was needed, and the urgency of construction for Phase-1 was submitted to the State Government of Uttar Pradesh by the RITES and LMRC authorities. 

Year: 2016 

  • The State Government of Uttar Pradesh approved the construction of the plan of Phase-1 
  • The Central Government then approved the Phase-1 project of the Kanpur Metro route project 
  • The former Urban Development Minister, Mr. M Venkaiah Naidu founded the metro project along with the Former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Mr. Akhilesh Yadav. 

Year: 2017 

  • Civil Work was operated
  • New changes proposed by the Union Government of India were implemented for the planning of Phase-1

Year: 2018 

  • The Cabinet of Uttar Pradesh government approved Central Inputs 
  • The Finance Ministry cleared Kanpur Metro route Project 

Year: 2019

  • The State Government of Uttar Pradesh gave around Rs. 175 crores to reinforce the preliminary work of Phase-1 and the Union government approved the budget. 
  • The Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, laid the foundation stone of this metro rail project. 
  • Tenders were invited, and Afcons Infra was finalized to construct 9 stations of the Kanpur Metro. 
  •  Therefore, the current Hon’ble Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Shri Yogi Adityanath, laid the foundation of the civil work for the Kanpur Metro Route project. 

Year: 2020 

  • The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh allocated Rs. 358 crores towards the establishment of the Kanpur Metro Phase 1
  • EIB invested 650 million euros in this metro rail project

Year: 2021 

  • The State Budget of Uttar Pradesh was assigned Rs. 597 crores for the Kanpur metro Rail Project. 
  • Foundational work began to construct the underground corridor of the Kanpur Metro. Tracks were laid by the Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC). 
  • Then on 28th December 2021, the Kanpur Metro route was opened to the public, ie. Only half of the Orange Line remaining orange and blue lines are still under construction.

Kanpur Metro Route Map:

Currently, only the Orange Line corridor is open to the public. It stretches 8.9 km from IIT Kanpur to Motijheel and has 12 stations in Phase 1. The Uttar Pradesh Government is also planning to construct a new corridor, the Blue Line, in Phase 1. The estimated net cost of this project is INR 11,076.48 crores, and when complete, the Orange Line will stretch from IIT Kanpur to Naubastra, and the Blue Line will stretch from Agriculture University to Barra-8.

Kanpur Metro: Orange Line

The Orange Line of the Kanpur Metro is the only line that is currently active. The Uttar Pradesh Government has plans to build a total of 21 stations on the Orange Line, extending it to a distance of 23.8 km. In the future, the Orange Line will stretch from IIT Kanpur to Naubastra, and it will include 14 elevated and 8 underground stations that pass through the middle of the city and major educational centres. The construction of the Orange Line will be finished by the end of 2024.

Kanpur Metro Route: Orange Line Operational Metro Stations:

The current operational stations of the Kanpur Metro Orange Line include the following stations: IIT Kanpur, Kalyanpur, SPM Hospital, Vishwavidyalaya, Gurudev Chauraha, Geeta Nagar, Rawatpur, LLR Hospital, and Moti Jheel.

Kanpur Metro Route: Orange Line Metro Stations Under Construction:

The stations in the Orange Line of the Kanpur Metro that is currently under construction include:

Chunniganj, Naveen Market, Bada Chauraha, Nayaganj, Kanpur Central Railway Station, Jhakarkati Bus Terminal, Transport Nagar, Baradevi, Kidwai Nagar, Vasant Vihar, Baudh Nagar, and Naubasta.

Kanpur Metro Route: Blue Line

The Uttar Pradesh Government is planning to build a new Blue Line corridor for the Kanpur Metro, which will be 8.9 km long and will have 8 stations, extending from Agriculture University to Barra-8. Rawatpur will be a mutual station between the existing Orange Line and the future Blue Line.

This corridor will include various elevated and underground metro stations, and its aim is to cover all the densely populated areas, railway stations, and bus terminals of the city. The tender of the project is yet to be approved.

Kanpur Metro Route: Blue Line Metro Stations:

Here is a list of metro stations proposed for the construction of the Blue Line:
Agriculture University, Rawatpur (Interchange Station for Orange Line and vice versa), Kakadeo, Double Pulia, Vijay Nagar, Shastri Chowk, Barra 7, and Barra 8.

Kanpur Metro Timings:

Currently, the Kanpur Metro runs at a swift 90 km/h and has become a crucial tool in the easing of traffic congestion in Kanpur City, providing convenience to commuters. From early in the morning at 6 AM until 10 PM in the evening, you can board the metro every 5 minutes according to your plans.

This means that in a very short amount of time, you can be on your way to your desired station – just 4 minutes to Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station, 10 minutes to Geeta Nagar Metro Station and 13 minutes to LLR Metro Station.

Kanpur Metro Fare:

The swift Kanpur Metro is an inexpensive way to get around the city. You can cut costs and get to your desired destinations for very little. Plus, there’s no need for tokens/cards for children under 3 feet tall.

For example, for as little as INR 10, one can go from IIT Kanpur Metro Station to SPM Hospital Metro Station and INR 20 will take you from IIT Kanpur to Gurudev Chauraha Metro Station. If you’re going further to Motijheel Metro Station, the cost would be INR 30.

Places of Interest Near Kanpur Metro:

Kanpur Metro is the ideal way to traverse the city and take in all of its renowned attractions. IIT Kanpur, a celebrated institute, can be visited through this route. People who are looking to unwind and spend some leisurely time can travel by Kanpur Metro and get to Buddha Park and the tranquil Motijheel.

Shopaholics will find it useful as they can go to Rave Moti Mall, Swaroop Nagar Market and Naveen Market by using this transit system. One can also spend some tranquil moments at the revered J.K. Temple, situated close by. GSVM College and Hallet Hospital (LLR) are also close to the Metro. The journey can be concluded at Miraj Cinemas to enjoy any latest movie.

Kanpur Metro Facilities:

In Kanpur Metro, all the railway stations and their announcements are in two languages, Hindi and English. Furthermore, the displays at each station will follow this same language pattern.

Like other metro networks, certain Kanpur Metro stations will receive more attention and certain others will become regular. Extra amenities such as food stalls, shops, ATMs, and other services will be available at these stations. Eating, drinking, smoking and chewing gum are strictly forbidden along the route.

Kanpur Metro Rail: Lost and Found:

If you happen to misplace any of your valuable possessions on the Kanpur metro while travelling, you can call the toll-free number provided below. The lost and found department operates from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Important instructions for retrieving lost items on the Kanpur Metro Rail are as follows:

  • You should notify the authorities 48 hours after the item is lost, and only visit during office hours.
  • To retrieve the item, you must provide original identification proof as well as a photocopy of the same. Acceptable forms of identification include Aadhar card, Pan Card, Driving licence, and Passport.
  • Unclaimed lost articles will be disposed of after one month.

Kanpur Metro (Helpline) Customer Care:

If you have any questions or issues concerning Kanpur Metro’s routes or services, please reach out to the provided address or phone number.

Office Address: Kanpur Metro Rail Corporation, State Textile Corporation Limited, GT Rd, near Uttar Pradesh, Near Gurudev Palace, Sharda Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208014

Contact Number: 0512-2246200

How many metros are running in Kanpur?

Kanpur Metro is an urban Mass Rapid Transit System under construction with 2 lines & 30 stations by Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited (UPMRCL).

When did Kanpur Metro start?

Kanpur Metro started on 28 December 2021


Conclusively, this Metro Route of Kanpur is easing the Road congestion problems in the city, allowing passengers to travel effortlessly from one to another. With the construction of the Kanpur Metro route, residents of the city are now able to enjoy world-class facilities while traveling from one part of the city to another.

The Kanpur Metro Route is a much-needed addition to the city of Kanpur, one of India’s largest cities. The route is a great step towards providing efficient public transportation, which is essential for any modern city. The route will enable the people of Kanpur to travel conveniently and reduce their travel time significantly. The Kanpur Metro Route has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the citizens of Kanpur. 

The route has been carefully planned to ensure that it connects various important areas of the city, provides access to some of the city’s most important tourist attractions, and provides a safe and secure environment for passengers.

 The Kanpur Metro Route is expected to be a great success, and it is hoped that it will help to improve the lives of the citizens of Kanpur once the whole Kanpur metro route is completed. So, stay tuned for more updates regarding the Kanpur Metro Route.

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