Nagasandra Metro Station: Route Map and Popular Places

Nagasandra is located in Bangalore, Karnataka. As we know that Bangalore is also one of the metro cities; here, we will know about the Nagasandra Metro Station, Bagalakunte, on the green line of the Bangalore Metro Network. It is the northmost terminal station of the green line route.

Nagasandra Metro Station

It is a collab between the Government of India and the state Government of Karnataka, which led to the rise of the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) and was given responsibility for establishing the Bangalore Metro Rail Project.

As the traffic jams issues were constantly increasing by that time, introducing the metro project was a great relief to its citizens and prevented Road Congestion, therefore, people also depended more on public vehicles as well, thus it was for the people’s benefit only.

Currently, two lines are active in the Bangalore Metro System ie. Purple line and Green line. The extension of these two lines, along with the Blue, Pink, and Yellow lines, is under construction.

The Nagasandra metro station is one of the busiest and most popular on the green line. The green line metro starts from this metro station and ends at the Silk Institute, and it extends to another station called Anjanapura is still under construction.

In this article, we will learn further about the Nagasandra metro station at Bagalagunte, Bangalore, in more detail, such as its popular landmarks, restaurants, commercial complexes, maps, Routes, etc.

Nagasandra Metro Station Location:

The Nagasandra metro station begins from the starting point of the green line, it is on Malur Byranahalli Road in Bangalore, and the pin code is 56007.

People living near this locality can easily access the metro and reach their desired destination through the green line. You can also locate the metro station via digital maps, like Google Maps.
It was made public on 1st May 2015, and since then, it has been operative.

Nagasandra Metro Station Route Map:

Here is the proper route map of the Nagasandra metro station as well as the whole green line routes given below the image:


From Nagasandra metro station, Bangalore, which is the beginning of the green line to the Silk Institute and it has a total of 28 active stations with an approximate time travel between these routes is 0:58:10 hh:mm: ss and the total distance that is covered in this line is 32 km.
Passengers have to pay Rs.15 as the minimum fare, and a maximum fare is Rs. 40 for this route, therefore, the smart card holders and students get discounts or concessions of 75 per cent.

Nagasandra Metro Station Distance To Popular Places:

Here we will discuss some of the famous places near the Nagasandra metro station, Bangalore:

Mallasandra Fort: It is an important tourist spot in Bangalore, located close to the Nagasandra metro station and within walkable distance, 500 meters to reach the Nagasandra cross. From there, take a bus from the Kempegowda bus terminal till you reach Hesarghatta Cross from here, a bus going towards Chikka Banavarra will drop you at Bagalagunte. Then the Mallasandra Fort is approximately 900 meters away from there.

KR Market: This market is in Bangalore and can be reached from the Nagasandra Metro Station by train towards the Silk Institute. You must get down at Chickpet and walk for approximately 4 minutes to reach the KR Market.

Kempegowda Airport: To get to the Kempegowda airport from the Nagasandra metro station, Bangalore, take a bus from the Nagasandra cross at the Kempegowda bus station and then reach the Jalahalli cross to take a bus from the Yelahanka Santhe Circle and another bus towards Mylanahalli which will reach you at the airport.

Listed below are some of the popular attractions visited by tourists and residents located at a short distance from the Nagasandra Metro Station, Bangalore:



Orion Mall

7.8 km


8.2 km

Jaya Prakash Narayan Park

9.1 km

Sri Dakshinamukha Nandi Tirtha Kalyaani

10.4 km

St. Mary’s Basilica

15.6 km

Lalbagh Botanical Garden

21.7 km

Above mentioned places are some popular destinations that are close to the Nagasandra Metro Station, Bangalore, so tourists can visit these places easily via the metro as well.

About the Nagasandra Metro Station:

The Green Line metro route is one of the oldest and most preferred routes for people travelling to and fro in this area.
The Nagasandra metro station Bangalore plan was first proposed in early 2012, and it became operational to the public on Friday, May 1st, 2015.

Quick Facts On Nagasandra Metro Station, Bangalore:

Nagasandra Metro Station Three Entry/Exit Points - A, B and C

Entry/Exit Point

Exit For

Point A

Towards IKEA Bengaluru

Point B

Towards IKEA Bengaluru

 Point C

Towards Jalahalli

Station on Line

Green Line

Nagasandra Metro Station: Towards 
Silk Institute

First Train: 05:00 AM

Last Train: 11:00 PM

Platform 2

Station Layout


Platform Type

Side Platform

Above mentioned are some quick fact checks about the Nagasandra Metro station, Bangalore. Therefore, The metro timings and frequency of trains may vary during rush hours, weekends, holidays, and weekdays.

Nagasandra Metro Station Bangalore Distance to Nearby Landmarks:

Here are some famous landmarks that are near the Nagasandra metro station in Bangalore:

  • HMT layout 1st block This place is around 405 m ( along with a 6 min walk) away from the Nagasandra Metro Station, Bangalore.
  • Schoenstatt St. Mary’s P U College is around 1 km from the Nagasandra Metro Station, Bangalore, and the Sri Vishnu Nursing College is approximately 2.3 km. St. Paul’s College is around 1 km from the Nagasandra metro station.
  • The Ventura Grand Hotel (2.6 km), Hotel 8th Mile Suites (1.8 km), Hotel Blue Bell (1.9 km), and some other hotels are located near this metro station.
  • The Nagasandra bus stop is only 4.6 km (12 mins) away from the Nagasandra metro station, Bangalore, and you can take a bus from here to go around the city.

These landmarks, such as hotels, colleges, and bus stops close to this metro station and provide easy access to the commuters to these places via the metro network.

Restaurants near Nagasandra Metro Station, Bangalore:

If you are in and around Nagasandra Metro Station, Bangalore, and want to grab some snacks, then here are some of the restaurants and eateries that are available near the metro station where you can get quick food venture as follows:



Bobby’s Punjabi Dhaba

2.2 km

Hotel Elite Restaurant

2.8 km

Soundarya Paradise

3.6 km

Venus Bar and Restaurant

9.3 km

Annapurna Sweets and Chats

14.3 km

These eateries mentioned above are nearby the metro station as their respective distance is also provided so commuters can travel to these restaurants easily through metro services on the Green line.

Property Near Nagasandra Metro Station:

People always relocate to places with better opportunities and communication networks with the rest of the city. The metro is one of the best benefits for people who travel to work, school, college, and other places. As it saves their time travel and they reach their destination on time.

Therefore many properties or residential complexes are available near the Nagasandrav Metro Station, Bangalore, which is ready and soon ready for the buyers.

Take a look at some of the properties or residential societies that are near the Nagasandra metro station, Bangalore is mentioned in the table along with their distance from the metro station:



Sobha Garrison


Arvind Oasis


Dhruva Arora


Sobha Ruby Platinum


Sattva Opus


Commercial Complex Near Nagasandra Metro Station, Bangalore:



Brigade Rubix


Manyata Tech Park


Here are some commercial complexes that are mentioned above the table, along with the distance from the Nagasanndra Metro Station, Bangalore.

Near Nagasandra Metro Station: Parking:

Parking facility in any metro station is considered one of the best facilities provided to commuters who travel daily via the metro. Therefore the Nagasandra Metro Station is one of those metro stations in Bangalore that have parking spaces for people.

Therefore, Nagasandra Metro Station, Bangalore, has a paid parking facility with various rates based on per hour and vehicle types such as Four Wheelers or Two Wheelers.

Latest News on Nagasandra Metro Station:

  • The international brand IKEA, which is a Swedish brand for furniture and all, has opened its first store in Nagasandra, Bangalore, and is very close to the Nagasandra Metro Station as well
  • Therefore this has made the metro station more popular and is always packed and brimming with people at all hours.
  • The jammed doors of one metro coming from Kempegowda caused a 10-minute delay in one of the routes of Nagasandra to Silk Institue metro line.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the facilities available at Nagasandra Metro Station?

A: Nagasandra Metro Station is a modern and well-equipped station on the Bangalore Metro network. The station has escalators, elevators, and staircases for easy platform access. Additionally, the station has various commuter facilities, such as a customer care centre, washroom facilities, and a lost and found section. Commuters can also find several shops and kiosks selling snacks, beverages, and other essential items at the station.

Q: Which areas of Bangalore are connected by Nagasandra Metro Station?

A: Nagasandra Metro Station is located on the Green Line of the Bangalore Metro network and serves several areas in the northwestern part of the city. The station is the terminal station of the Green Line and is located in the Jalahalli area. Commuters can easily travel from Nagasandra Metro Station to other important areas of Bangalore, such as Peenya, Rajajinagar, and Majestic. The station also provides easy access to other modes of transport, such as buses and cabs, making it a convenient transit point for commuters in the area.

Conclusion to Nagasandra Metro Station, Bangalore:

The Nagasandra metro station is one of the first stations that opened in Bangalore and is operative on the green line. It is located in a prime location with various amenities. As this station begins the green line, passengers who travel to Silk Institue from this stop take approximately 32 km from the initial station.

This station is one of the most popular and oldest stations in the Bangalore metro route, this station is also near many famous historical forts, markets, schools, and residential and commercial complexes which attracts people the most in these types of localities with various features and benefits. IKEA is also close and is located near this metro station, making it an ideal place for shoppers.

Due to metro traffic jams have been in control, and more people are opting for the metro to commute to their destinations, as there are only two lines ie green and purple which will be active on the Bangalore metro soon; other lines that are still under construction will be operative shortly making it easier and convenient for the people of Bangalore, as the metro services will increase and will run throughout the city.

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