Indian Railway, India Post Come Together For Door-To-Door Parcel Delivery

Indian Railways and India Post have teamed up to bring an all-new door-to-door pickup and delivery service to citizens, specifically designed for transporting parcels over 35 kilograms – aptly named the ‘Rail Post Gati Shakti Express Cargo Service.’ Moving houses within India has become smoother and more convenient than ever!

Right now, travelers can take advantage of four flight paths using the service – Delhi to Kolkata, Bangalore to Guwahati, Surat to Muzaffarpur, and Hyderabad to Hazrat Nizamuddin. But eventually, the first phase of the service will cover fifteen sectors.

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To guarantee timely transport, the Indian Railways and Department of Posts have updated their instruments, apparatuses, taking care of gear, and capacity space. They have likewise concocted unique boxes for pressing, including fold-style boxes, envelope boxes, mesh-type boxes, and bubble-guard boxes produced using aluminum and lightweight materials.

Upon request, they will make parcel vans equipped with temperature control features available to cater to parcels that need to be transported under a specific temperature setting. Moreover, Parcel Aggregation Centers have been outfitted with an inexorably modernized framework, conveying framework and uniquely structured rakes for productive arranging.

India Post provides an extensive and flexible Door-to-Door Parcel Service through the Indian Railways, allowing for convenience and ease of transport. They offer pick-up and delivery of packages directly at customers’ doorsteps, allowing for the convenience of not needing to go to the station themselves.

Additionally, they are not limited by the number of goods transported, with the service accommodating even small consignments of up to 100 kg. The shipments are also transported promptly and securely, with the additional benefit of insurance being provided for goods during the transport.

The Parcel Train operating under the Joint Parcel Product Scheme has been set up for the secure delivery of goods, with a defined departure and arrival at all stations. Indian Railways provides the customer with the confidence of secure and safe delivery from origin to destination, with the transportation taking place in secure and sealed boxes. An additional advantage is the cost-effective third-party insurance available to customers at 0.03% of the cargo value provided by the Post Department.

To provide customers with a cost-efficient option, the initial and terminal service costs are set at Rs 6/- per kilogram, providing a better deal than existing prices on the market. Additionally, a mobile app is being created to facilitate customers to book orders with a safe payment method and also be able to monitor the shipment in real time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does India Post use Railways?

India Post will collect the package from the customer’s doorstep and transport it to the nearest railway station. The railway will take care of transporting the package to the destination station. India Post will then take over and transport the package from the destination station to the final mile.

How do Indian Railways support the Indian Postal Service?

The Parcel Vans (VPs) will be transported by train between two major hubs or stations. The parcels will be transported in containerized form, inside boxes made of plastic, aluminum, wire mesh, or similar materials to provide maximum protection and safety. These Parcel Specials will run according to a pre-determined schedule, with less transit time to ensure timely delivery.

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