Uppal Metro Station- Route Map, Facilities And Popular Places

Uppal Metro Station is located in Hyderabad and runs on the blue line of the Hyderabad metro network. This metro station is close to Kendriya Vidyalaya in Uppal, Hyderabad, the metro system gives easy and hassle-free journeys to different parts of the City.

Uppal Metro Station In Hyderabad

Uppal Metro Station is located in Hyderabad and runs on the blue line of the Hyderabad metro network. This metro station is close to Kendriya Vidyalaya in Uppal, Hyderabad, the metro system gives easy and hassle-free journeys to different parts of the City.

Hyderabad is another significant IT hub of the country, along with various upscale shops and eateries such as Restaurants, Cafes, and many more. This city is also famous for its historical culture, monuments, and sites, attracting many tourists from the country and around the globe.

Hyderabad has excellent infrastructure, social benefits, residential facilities, educational institutes, and job opportunities that many Job seekers and students relocate to this city for all these golden chances.

Like many other cities, Hyderabad has also expedited the pace of adding additional routes to its metro system to prevent road congestion, such as traffic, and made it much easier for the residents of Hyderabad to commute.
The Hyderabad metro system has three lines ie. Red, Green, and Blue, and the Uppal Metro Station falls on the Blue line of the Hyderabad metro and reaches the Hitech City by Ameerpet.

The blue line of the Hyderabad Metro debuted on the same with the Red line metro route, it covers significant places like Hitech City and Secunderabad. The stretch of the line is 27 km in an east-west direction, and the overhead catenary on the line transmits alternating power at a voltage of 25 kV, while the trains are standard gauge at 1435 mm. Every train has three carriages and can travel at a speed of 80 km per hour, along with a headway of five to ten minutes between trains.

In this article, we learn more about the Uppal Metro Station, Hyderabad keep looking forward to more information and details regarding this metro station.

Uppal Metro Station- Quick Facts:

Following are the quick facts checks about Uppal Metro Station Hyderabad are mentioned below:

Uppal metro station locationUppal, Hyderabad
Metro lineBlue line of Hyderabad metro
Entry/exitsUppal Cross Road, Ghathkesar Road (Gate A), Vijaypuri Colony, Nagole Road (Gate B), IDA Uppal (Gate C) and IDA Uppal, Ramanthpur Road (Gate C)
Preceding and succeeding metro stationsNagole and Raidurg
Exact address of Uppal Metro Station, HyderabadInner Ring Road, Survey Colony, Industrial Development Area, Uppal, Hyderabad, Telangana 500039
Coordinates17.3987948°N 78.5538439°E
FacilitiesCCTV Camera, Escalator, Disabled access, parking
Nearby landmarksKendriya Vidyalaya, Uppal X Roads, Karachi Bakery, Rajlakshmi Theatre, Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium

Uppal Metro Station- Location:

Uppal Metro station is located in the central neighbourhood of Hyderabad ie. in Uppal. Which has experienced a considerable expansion over the past 10 years; the location is desirable because of the proximity of the Musi River, NGRI Scurb Forest, and Pedda Cheruvu Lake. the area of Uppal also has a good road connection to other parts of Hyderabad city.

The address of the Uppal Metro Station, Hyderabad, is Inner Ring Road, Survey Colony, Industrial Development Area, Uppal, Hyderabad, Telangana 500039. Therefore this is the complete address of the Uppal Metro Station, Hyderabad.

This metro station is situated on the inner road, thus, the availability of other public vehicle choices, such as autos, buses, and taxis, makes it simple to reach the metro station. You can easily locate this metro station on digital maps like Google Maps.

About Uppal Metro Station:

The Uppal Metro Station, Hyderabad, is located on the blue line of the Hyderabad metro route and is the second last stop before Nagole. The metro station began on 29th November 2017, serving many people daily since 2017.

Metro trains from the Uppal metro station reach the last stop on the Blue Line, Raidurg, via Nagole metro station. It covers the distance between Raidurg and Uppal within approximately 46 minutes.

Passengers can have comfort and smooth access once they enter the Uppal metro station because of its architecture. The Uppal metro station has a 3-tier infrastructure, including street-level, concourse-level, and platform-level, but the station is an elevated structure above the ground. It is accessible from both directions from street level.

On the ground floor, the passengers can browse a map of the location, parking space for their respective vehicles, and entrance and exit. The concourse level has a customer care centre, station agent, metro cards vending machines like AVM/TVMs, crossover, and other facilities like washrooms, fire control rooms, first aid care place, etc. Therefore, at the platform level, there are two platforms from which passengers can board on the metro train, the doors of the train open on the left side with disability access that is also disabled-friendly.

The metro station has four gates ie. Gate No. A Gate No. B Gate No. C and Gate No. D and the Gate No. A opens at the Uppal Crossroad, Ghatkesar Road, and Gate No. B opens onto Vijayapuri Colony, Nagole Road. Therefore Gate No. C and Gate No. D opens onto IDA Uppal and Ramanthpur Road, respectively. All the instructions are mentioned properly so the commuters can follow and have an easy journey.

Uppal Metro Station, Hyderabad: Facilities

Facilities that are available at the Uppal metro station, Hyderabad, are mentioned below take a look at these facilities:

  • CCTV Camera
  • Escalator
  • Elevators
  • Disabled Access
  • Parking space and many more.

Uppal Metro Station, Hyderabad- Route Map

Nagole metro station is the previous one, and the Stadium metro station comes next to the Uppal metro station. The Blue metro line runs from Nagole to Raidurg and vice-versa. The Uppal metro station and Raidurg have a 25 km distance between them, with a total of 21 intermediate active stations. Therefore Parade Ground and Ameerpet metro stations are interchangeable stations on the Uppal metro’s route to Raidurg.

For better understanding, the Blue line’s route plan and the interchange stations along this line are mentioned below.

Station NameConnectivity
Hitech CityNone
Durgam CheruvaNone
Peddamma GudiNone
Jubilee Hills Check PostNone
Road No 5 Jubilee HillsNone
Madhura NagarNone
AmeerpetRed Line
Prakash NagarNone
Parade GroundGreen Line
Secunderabad EastNone

Uppal Metro Station Distance To Popular Places:

As we discussed earlier, the location of Uppal Metro station is in a prime area with great connectivity of roads with its nearby regions of the city. Therefore, the distance between the Uppal Metro station and the Rajiv Gandhi international airport, Hyderabad, is 29.3 km. In contrast, the Jamai Osmania Railway station connects with the other areas in the city, is at a distance of 7.1 km.

We will now learn about the other popular and famous places close to the Uppal Metro Station, Hyderabad.

Other significant places around the Uppal Metro Station, Hyderabad, have mentioned below:

  • 1.5 Km from Nagole Metro Station
  • 1 Km from Stadium Metro Station
  • 12.4 Km from Begumpet Airport
  • 11 Km from Salar Jung museum
  • 9.1 Km from Parade Ground Metro Station
  • 15.9 Km from Ameerpet Metro Station
  • 7.1 Km from Jamai Osmania Railway Station
  • 4.9 Km from Uppal Shilparamam

These above mention places are near the Uppal metro station, Hyderabad. The distance from these places to the metro station is also given so the travellers can reach there easily without any problem.

Uppal Metro Metro Station Distance To Nearby Landmarks:

Here are some famous landmarks, including popular schools, hospitals, and other facilities that are located near Uppal metro station, Hyderabad, mentioned below, along with their respective distance in kilometres as follows:

  • 130m from Kendriya Vidyalaya
  • 450m from Uppal X roads
  • 450m from Karachi Bakery
  • 300m from Rajlakshare Theatre
  • 2Km from Srinivasa Theatre
  • 2.9 Km from Pedda Cheruvu
  • 1.4 Km from Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium
  • 500m from St. Xaviers High School
  • 850m from Narayan Concept High School
  • 2.6 Km from Aditya Hospitals
  • 2.3 Km from Matrix Hospital
  • 850m from DSL Virtue Mall

People can also check the distance from the Uppal Metro Station, Hyderabad, to these places.

Restaurants Near Uppal Metro Station, Hyderabad:

Here are some restaurants and cafes near the Uppal metro station, Hyderabad, where you can grab a variety of snacks and delicacies with your family and friends.
Hyderabad’s Uppal metro station is home to several well-known famous eateries that will quench your thirst for tasty food. Some of these are mentioned below, along with their distance:

  • 400m from Santosh Dhaba
  • 1 Km from Pista House
  • 2.2 Km from Uppal tabla restaurant
  • 3.2 Km from Taste of India
  • 3.4 Km from DOF Cafe
  • 2.8 Km from Swathi Tiffins Vegetarian
  • 1.6 Km from Pizza Hut
  • 1.2 Km from Durbar Restaurant & Bar
  • 4.4 Km from Cafe de Gardenia
  • 2.6 Km from Hotel Grand Multicuisine Restaurant
  • 1.7 Km from BFC Multicuisine Restaurant

These are some of the most famous eateries that are very close to this metro station and very famous in Hyderabad as it attracts many people across the nation, so it becomes easier to travel to these places via metro train affordably.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is there a parking facility available at Uppal Metro Station?

A: Uppal Metro Station has a parking facility for commuters who wish to park their vehicles while using the Metro. The parking area is adjacent to the station and has ample space for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers. Commuters can pay for the station’s parking charges using cash or digital payment options.

Q: What are the nearby landmarks or popular places to visit near Uppal Metro Station?

A: Uppal Metro Station is located in the eastern part of Hyderabad and is well-connected to several popular places in the city. Some nearby landmarks and places to visit include the famous Uppal Cricket Stadium, the historic Pochampally Village known for its handloom sarees and textiles, and the popular Uppal Bhagath Singh Park. Commuters can easily reach these places using the Metro or by taking a cab or auto-rickshaw from the station.

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