Rapid Metro Gurgaon: Route, Stations, Map, Timings, And Ticket Fare

Gurgaon’s first-ever Rapid Metro, a light metro network, runs throughout Gurgaon City and performs as a feeder service of the Delhi metro. Interestingly, this Rapid Metro route is the only privately funded metro in the world till now with a fully elevated rapid transit system.

This rapid mero of Gurgaon is not financially sponsored by the Central Government, not even the Haryana state government, and is only developed by The Rapid Metro Gurgaon Limited. Still, this project is taken by the DMRC- Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, this metro began in 2013.

Rapid Metro Gurgaon Route, Stations, Map, Timings, and Fare

HMRTC and DMRC own this metro system, and the Gurgaon metro will cover key locations such as cyber city, DLF phase-3, etc.

Rapid Metro Route- Stations:

The Rapid metro covers around 11.7 km throughout Gurgaon and has 11 stations. This metro uses Standard Gauge tracks as well with an elevated network.

Gurgaon’s Rapid Metro Stations are:

  1. Sector 55-56 Metro Station
  2. Sector 54 Chowk Metro Station
  3. Sector 53-54 Metro Station
  4. Sector 42-43 Metro Station
  5. Phase-1 Metro Station
  6. Sikanderpur Metro Station (has an interchange with Delhi’s yellow line metro station)
  7. Phase-2 Metro Station
  8. Belvedere Towers Metro Station
  9. Cyber City Metro Station
  10. Moulsari Avenue Metro Station
  11. Phase-3 Metro Station

The Rapid Metro Connects with the Delhi Metro at the Sikanderpur Metro Station of Yellow line.

Rapid Metro Route Map:

Rapid Metro Route: Technical Details

  • This project of Rapid Metro was financed by DLF, Enso Group, and Infrastructure Leasings and Financial Services [IL&FS]
  • The Metro Route of the Rapid Metro Gurgaon is developed by Rapid Metro Gurgaon Limited. (DMRC did not Operate).
  • This metro has two phases, phase-1 was opened to the public in 2013, and phase-2 on 2017
  • Fully Elevated and automated as well.
  • There are a total of 12 trains that can carry 800 passengers.
  • It also has emergency stop plungers for safety purposes in each station.
  • DMRC took command of the Rapid Metro in 2019.
  • It is India’s first ever metro to auction the stations’ names.
  • You can also commute with the drivers by pressing the talk button provided inside the metro.
  • It has two depots one is the 55-56 metro station, and the second is the phase-3 metro station.
  • Unlike Delhi metro security which is handled by the CISF (Central Industrial Security Force), the Rapid Metro is handled by private security agencies.
  • The Metro police station in the Rapid Metro of Gurgaon is at the Sikanderpur metro station.
  • The operational speed of The Rapid Metro is 40 km/hr.

Rapid Metro Timings:

The Rapid Metro in Gurgaon has been really useful and made it very easy to travel for the people who commute daily between Delhi and Gurgaon. The timings are also very important so commuters can travel without hassles. The Rapid Metro starts at 06:05 am, till the last train departs at 22:00 pm at night.

Rapid Metro Fare:

The Rapid Metro charges rs 20 from phases phase-1 and phase-2 separately. But if you travel from phase 1 to phase 2 or vice versa, then the amount is rs 35.

The prices have been lower in cost in the Rapid Metro than the Delhi metro because of its unpopularity and less ridership. Now, it is a part of DMRC, so it has introduced smart cards and tokens which are now acceptable in the rapid metro. Now it has developed a lot.

Rapid Metro Latest News:

It is one of the shortest metro routes, and people from Delhi and Gurgaon travel the most as it connects two states. There are future expansion plans for this metro.

According to an interview, it will extend by 17 km and connect the cyber city with Gurgaon railway station via Gurgaon bus stand and Sadar bazar in old Gurgaon. These are some plans. According to DPR, traveling has been affected due to covid-19.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the metro available in Yeshwantpur?

Metro Station Near Yeshwanthpur is on the Green Line of the Namma Metro, serving the Yeshwanthpur area of Bangalore, India. It was publically opened on 1 March 2014.

Which metro stop for Yeshwantpur Railway Station?

The Yeshwanthpur metro station is situated near Tumkur Main Road and is right opposite to the Yeshwanthpur Junction Railway Station.

Summing Up Rapid Metro Gurgaon:

This metro line has brought connectivity to the fast-paced lifestyle of Delhi and Gurgaon citizens. Gurgaon is a hub of MNCs and the IT sectors. Due to this metro line, people can easily relocate to their destination. It has an interchange line with the yellow line metro.

Many changes have been brought in The Rapid Metro line of Gurgaon for years. Therefore, The Rapid Metro has benefited all passengers over the years and will improve more.

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