Indore Metro Rail: Route, Map, Schedule, Fare 2023

Indore Metro will be a Rapid Transit System with four lines running through the largest city of Madhya Pradesh. Indore Metro is operated by the Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MPMRCL) and is still under construction, expectations of its operation are by 2027.

Indore is the second largest and most populous city of Madhya Pradesh (MP), with an area of 214 sq km Indore on the Malwa Plateau. Indore has a rich history and culture, vibrant market centers, and local delicacies. It is also known for its business hubs and is one of the 20 smart cities to be constructed.

Indore is also a top tourist destination in India because of its diverse landscape, scenic beauty, historical places, and many more beautiful places, which are attractive to tourists from India and abroad who visit the largest City of MP.

Indore is also the fastest-growing population city, with better establishment. It has well-maintained and developed public transport services like Buses, Taxis, Auto-Rickshaws, and Cycle Rickshaws.

As the city is going more toward development, the city can’t meet some transportation goals more efficiently. Therefore, The MPMRCL decided to launch Indore’s first Rapid Transit System. It will connect Indore city from one place to another, and also for daily commuters or people who come from other places for work or business will find this very accessible.

This article will cover all the essential portions related to Indore Metro.

Indore Metro Route:

The Indore Metro route is 94 km, and this project is prepared by private firm Rohit Associates Cities & Rail Pvt. Ltd. With 4 lines and 2 crisscrossing the city, out of which line-1 has been selected for its establishment in the phase-1 of the Indore Metro.

The Detailed Project Report (DPR) of the phase-1 project of the Indore metro is 33.45 km of routes. The State Government of Madhya Pradesh approved the Indore metro project in December 2016 and the Central Government’s cabinet in October 2018. The Indore metro’s main corridor is expected to be completed and open in August 2024, and the deadline is beyond 2023.

Therefore the main phase-1 is expected to be completed by 2027. This project was originally planned to be partly funded by an Official Development Assistance (ODA) loan from a Japanese company named JICA. Now it will be funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB) for an undisclosed cost, and New Development Bank will now provide $225 million.

On September 2019, the Honorable Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh laid the phase-1 project’s first foundation stone. The construction work started in February 2019, with an expected year of completion in 2027.

Specification of the System:

  • The top Speed is 80 km per hour.
  • The average speed is 34 km/ph.
  • The Indore Metro will have Standard Gauge Track-1435 mm
  • 750 V DC Third Rail electrification
  • And the signaling is based on CBTC ( Communication-based Train Control).

As it is still under construction, therefore, the estimated cost and ridership is 7,500.80 crore and 2.50 lakh, respectively, by 2027.

Indore Metro Line:

Indore metro has four corridors for the passengers to travel to different locations, therefore currently 3 lines are under construction, and the remaining Line is in Planning Stage
The 4 planned lines of Indore Metro are:

  1. Line-1A: From Sri Auribindo Hospital-Collectorate Office-Indore Bypass 1
  2. Line-1B: From Sri Auribindo Hospital-Collectorate Office-Regional Park
  3. Line-2: Dewas Naka-Juni Indore-MHOW
  4. Line-3: Yellow Line (Bhawarsala Square-Super Corridor)
  5. Line-4: MR9-Indore Railway Station-Indore Bypass 4

Indore Metro Line 3 Project- Under Construction:

This line is under construction and is referred to as the yellow line. The yellow line contains 30 stations with a 33.53 km long corridor. Forming a ring shape around the city while covering the distance.

The line contains six underground stations and 24 overground stations. The higher authorities, along with administrators, hold regular meetings to examine this line, the 94 km with four lines and two spurs crisscrossing cities are been chosen for implementation for phase-1.

Indore Metro Route Map:

This Indore Metro Route contains a 100-107 km network along with overlapping and branches line. The completed metro will have a route partitioned into 4 lines, where one line is under construction, and the rest is proposed to the organizations and Government.

Indore Metro phase-1 lines ( Approved):

Line-3 (Yellow Line): from Palasia-Railway Station-Rajwar-Airport-Bhawarsala-MR10-Palasia
(Ring Line).

The length is 33.53 km, and it is elevated type also underground. A distance is 16.217 km that is under construction between Gandhi Nagar to Mumtaj Bag Colony. The depot is Super Corridor.
In this line, there are a total of 30 stations. The names are mentioned below:

  1. Bhawarsala Square
  2. MR10 Road
  3. ISBT
  4. MR10 Flyover
  5. Chandragupta Square
  6. Hira Nagar
  7. Bapat Nagar
  8. Meghdoot Garden
  9. Vijay Nagar Square
  10. Radisson Square
  11. Mumtaj Bag Colony
  12. Bengali Square
  13. Patrakar Colony
  14. Palasia Square
  15. High Court/ Hotel Residency
  16. Indore Railway Station
  17. Rajwada Palace
  18. Maulana Azad Marg
  19. Bada Ganpati
  20. Ramchandra Nagar Sqaure
  21. Kalani Nagar
  22. BSF
  23. Airport
  24. Gandhi Nagar Nanod
  25. Super Corridor 6
  26. Super Corridor 5
  27. Super Corridor 4
  28. Super Corridor 3
  29. Super Corridor 2
  30. Super Corridor 1

Proposed Lines of The Indore Metro:

Indore Metro Line-1A:

The list of metro stations under Line-1A that falls under the Indore Metro Route Line is:

  1. Sri Aurobindo Hospital
  2. Bhawarsala Square
  3. Sanwer Industrial Area
  4. Ganesh Sham Colony
  5. Banganga
  6. Laxmibai Nagar Square
  7. Mara Mata Square
  8. Imli Bazar Chowk
  9. Rajwada Palace
  10. Collectorate Office
  11. Indore Ichapur Rail Crossing
  12. Tower Square
  13. Bhawarkuan Square
  14. Holkar University/IT Park
  15. Rani Bagh
  16. Limbodi
  17. Ralamandal
  18. Indore Bypass 1

Indore Metro Line-1B:

Sri Aurobindo Hospital-Collectorate Office-Regional Park (1B):

A total of 11 stations have been proposed under Line-1B in the Indore metro line, the names are mentioned below:

  1. Sri Aurobindo Hospital
  2. Bhawarsala Square
  3. Sanwer Industrial Area
  4. Ganesh Sham Colony
  5. Banganga
  6. Laxmibai Nagar Square
  7. Mara Mata Square
  8. Imli Bazar Chowk
  9. Rajwada Palace
  10. Collectorate Office
  11. Central Excise
  12. Choithram, Regional Park

Indore Metro Line-2: Dewas Naka-Juni Indore-MHOW:

The List of Metro Stations that are assigned the Line-2 of the Indore Metro are:

  1. Dewas Naka
  2. Niranjanpur Circle
  3. Aranya Nagar
  4. IDA Park
  5. Vijay Nagar Square
  6. Bhamori
  7. Patni Pura/ St. Joseph Church
  8. Malwa Mill Square
  9. Raj Kumar Bridge
  10. Indore Railway Station
  11. Juni Indore
  12. Collectorate Office
  13. MHOW Naka
  14. Dusshera Maidan
  15. Annapurna Temple
  16. Narmada Public Road (Ring Road)
  17. Rajendra Nagar
  18. Reti Mandi
  19. IPS Academy
  20. Shramik Colony
  21. Indore Bypass-2
  22. Pigdambar
  23. Umariya
  24. Maa Vaishnodevi Hospital
  25. Haranyakheri / IIT Indore
  26. Chinar Residency
  27. MHOW

Indore Metro Line-4: MR9-Indore Railway Station-Indore Bypass-4:

The Indore metro line 4 has 15 stations, which are mentioned below:

  1. MR9
  2. Convention Center
  3. Lahiya Colony
  4. Chandragupta square
  5. Sukliya
  6. Nanda nagar main road
  7. Mazdoor Maidan
  8. Raj Kumar Bridge
  9. Indore railway station
  10. Chhavani
  11. Sri Agrasen Maharaj Chowk
  12. Navlakha bus station
  13. Teen Imli babul nagar
  14. Musakhedi
  15. Indore Bypass 4

Indore Metro Fare:

As the metro of Indore is still under construction, the fare details, tariffs, and other restrictions for the Indore Metro are yet to be revealed, as the operational year is 2027. Closer to the commercial finance will be finalized. Therefore the MPMRCL is taking the initiative to integrate cutting-edge technology into the Automatic Fare Collection system (AFC), including QR codes and near Field communication tel phones.

Indore Metro Will also has affordable fares compared to the metro ticket fare in other parts of the country. Indore is India’s cleanest city with beautiful attractions, and you can travel across the city and explore the key destinations inexpensively. You can also enjoy the varied range of facilities in the Indore Metro at a reasonable cost.

The Indore Metro will include various luxuriant features, including Cabin Lights and High Quantity Music System for Announcements, and more packed with lavish facilities. Indore Metro is differently-abled-friendly as well.

Indore Metro Timings:

Indore has a problem regarding traffic as road congestion leads to delays in reaching your destination. However, as the construction of the Indore metro has begun, say goodbye to being late. You can save a lot of time while traveling with great ease and comfort.

Because of the work still going on in the Indore Metro, the timings chart is yet to be released by the metro authorities. Therefore closure to the start of the commercial operation will be finalized.

Indore Metro will help the 30 lakh citizens of the city by connecting Indore’s main and crowded places with new developing areas along with Railway Station, airport, and ABD because these are part of the Smart City Project of Indore.

Therefore it is said the speed of Indore City will increase ten times more as soon as the operation of Indore Metro Begins. Indore Buses commutes 3000+ passengers per hour daily, but it is said that the metro will commute 22,000 passengers per hour.

As soon as the metro services in Indore start, all the details regarding the timings of the departure and arrival of the metro rail will be uploaded by the metro authorities operating the Indore Metro, ie. MPMRCL.

Indore Metro Impact:

As soon as the metro services arrive in Indore, the city will be much more developed with more new facilities, which will come along with the metro. The metro of Indore will greatly impact the second-largest city of Madhya Pradesh and assist the city in various ways.

It will provide the fastest mobility, decrease road congestion such as traffic jams, prevent accidents in the city, and control pollution. When the metro routes are completely available in Indore, more passengers will ride the metro, decreasing the traveling of other vehicles and reducing the consumption of petrol and diesel.

Indore’s citizens are looking forward to the final metro services being completed to enjoy all the benefits and features. This will bring more economic, infrastructure, commercial activity, and rapid growth throughout the Indore city of Madhya Pradesh. Please look forward to the completion of the Indore metro.

Latest News & Updates on Indore Metro:

The January 2023 report shows 93% of the pilling work is complete on the Indore metro. The work of Indore metro is going on rapidly as the authorities said the work had been completed to 70% of the pillar establishment work and 93% of the pilling work is done. Therefore the remaining is expected to be completed by the end of February 2023.

MD Manish Singh of Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (MPMRCL) inspected the construction work of the Indore Metro Stations on 21st January 2023.

He inspected the construction areas such as Stabling Line, Inspection Way, Receiving Sub Station, Auxiliary Sub Station, and Admin Building. Then he announced that the trial of Bhopal and Indore Metro would be at the end of August and starting of September.

In Sum- Indore Metro:

The commercial hub of MP, Indore, is all set to welcome the metro into the city. This metro will bring numerous facilities and contribute to protecting the environment. However, the daily commuters in public vehicles will not face any issues regarding traveling as the metro will be their main option.

It will also introduce a smart card feature so that people will avoid the long lines of passengers in front of the ticket counter.

Finally, and most importantly, the development of the Indore metro will give thousands of job opportunities to the job-seeking generations because it will generate jobs. Differently abled people will also enjoy certain facilities provided to them by the metro authorities of the Indore Metro.

The days are coming near, and the people of Indore are waiting eagerly for its operation in the city. This is a great step taken by the MPMRCL and The government to introduce the metro in the City of Indore. The Indore metro, with 89 stations, will improve the Public people as it is for the public only.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a metro train in Indore?

The Indore Metro Line 3 Project is currently under construction and will consist of 30 stations. The first phase of the Indore Metro route focuses on constructing Line-3 (Yellow Line), a 33.53 km corridor encircling the city, and connecting Palasia, Railway Station, Rajwada, Airport, and Bhawarsala through 30 stations.

Who is making Indore Metro?

Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited is responsible for developing and managing the Indore Metro. This company is jointly owned by the Union and State governments.

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