Akshardham Metro Station Delhi: Location, Facilities, And Attractions

The biggest boon for Delhi’s commuters is the introduction of the Delhi Metro Rail Service. Metro trains run faster as they do not need to wait at red lights like other motor vehicles. Furthermore, they can accommodate numerous commuters, thus reducing traffic congestion on Delhi roads, thus mitigating air pollution levels.

The residents of the National Capital Region are lucky to have good connectivity through various metro lines, such as the Blue Line, Pink Line, Yellow Line, Violet Line, and Magenta Line.

Akshardham Metro Station Delhi Location, Facilities, and Nearby Attractions

Among the many metro stations in the area is the Akshardham Metro Station, located on the Delhi Metro’s Blue Line. The authorities named it following a unanimous request from the locals about the nearby Swaminarayan Akshardham Mandir. The inauguration of the station was a special moment. It was on 12th November 2009 that the Akshardham Metro Station Pandav Nagar Delhi opened its gates for the first time in the presence of the then Chief Minister of Delhi, Sheila Dikshit.

Since then, this station has become very popular and attracts a large footfall. Tourists and locals prefer to use this metro station as it helps them easily access various important locations.

Let us delve into the Akshardham Metro Station and its neighboring areas. It is one of the most efficient stations of the Delhi Metro and offers its passengers an unforgettable journey. It serves as an efficient transportation means and provides entertainment, dining, and shopping. All of this makes it an excellent place to explore.

Akshardham Metro Station Location:

Akshardham Metro Station is in the bustling city of New Delhi on the Noida Link Road. It is one of the many metro stations along the Blue Line of the Delhi Metro. The address of this metro station is Noida Link Rd, Patparganj, New Delhi, Delhi – 110092. It is well-connected with the surrounding areas, making it a preferred mode of public transportation in the region.

Structure And Design Of Akshardham Metro Station:

Delhi Akshardham Metro Station presents a majestic ambiance. Expertly crafted with Dholpur stone – the same material used for the iconic Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple nearby – the station captivates commuters with its remarkable exterior. Unveiled as a 6-level structure soaring 16.5 meters into the sky, the station extends even further with a 21-meter subterranean portion housing its wide gauge tracks. Truly, the metro station is an architectural masterpiece befitting the traditional charm of its vicinity.

Facts About Akshardham Metro Station At A Glance:

  • The tracks and platform levels at ASDM station are owned by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (DMRC). This station runs on the Blue Line and has coordinates of 28°37′04″N 77°16′46″E.
  • It was inaugurated on 12th November 2009 and had an elevated station layout.
  • The metro train timings at ASDM station are: Noida Electronic City – First Train – 5:20 am; Last Train – 11:39 pm, and Dwarka Sec 21 – First Train – 6:05 am; Last Train – 11:30 pm.
  • Gate No. 1 – Swami Narayana Akshardham Mandir and Gate No. 2 – Parking are two entry and exit points.
  • The trains running on this line have 6 or 8 coaches.

Food And ATM Facilities At Akshardham Metro Station:

Food And ATM Facilities At Akshardham Metro Station

The Akshardham Metro Station is one of the most popular in Delhi, known for its proximity to the famous Akshardham temple. If you’re visiting the station, you’ll be pleased to know that several food and ATM facilities are available in and around the station. You can find a variety of food options ranging from local street food to popular fast food chains, including McDonald’s, Subway, and KFC.

Additionally, several small cafes and food kiosks are available, offering a range of snacks and beverages. If you need to withdraw cash, several ATM facilities are located in and around the station, including SBI, HDFC, and Axis Bank. Whether you’re traveling or waiting for someone at the station, you can easily enjoy various food options and withdraw cash.

Food Court at Akshardham Metro Station:

The Parshavnath Mall, a part of the Akshardham Metro Station, offers its customers a food court with numerous options for a pleasant time. Some of the food chains found in the food court are Wow! Momo, KFC, Burger King, Fast Feed, Cafe Coffee Day, and Three Friends Pizza. With these vast food and beverage options, Akshardham Metro Station serves its customers delightfully.

ATMs at Akshardham Metro Station:

In addition to the wonderful food options, Akshardham Metro Station also has several ATMs at its customers’ disposal. The banks with ATMs at this metro station include Punjab National Bank, Yes Bank, and HDFC Bank. With the convenience of many food and beverage outlets and banking ATMs, this metro station caters to all its customers’ needs.

Akshardham Metro Station Route Map:

Akshardham Metro Station lies along the Blue Line, the longest and most popular of the Delhi Metro lines. Operational since December 2005, this stretch stretches a massive 56.6 km from Dwarka Sector 21 to Noida Electronic City, making 50 stops in between, and Akshardham Station being one of these stops.

Akshardham Station is a heavily used station along this major route connecting Delhi with Noida. Tourists and daily commuters flock here for its proximity to various places of attraction in the area.

The Blue Line of the Delhi Metro makes traversing Delhi-Noida simpler and faster, leading to its status as the most frequently used Delhi Metro line. Its popularity speaks of its successful service in connecting the two neighboring cities, serving many busy travelers and giving locals easy access to places to see.

Key Landmarks Near Akshardham Metro Station:

Delhi Akshardham Metro Station has one prominent landmark nearby. The Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple is located 350 meters away and is known for its intricate architecture, with more than 20,000 statues, sprawling lawns, and garden complexes.

This historic temple will transport visitors to an age of grandeur and cultural enlightenment. So if you are in Delhi, stop by the Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple, just a few minutes from the Delhi Akshardham Metro Station.

Akshardham Metro Station Distance To Popular Places in Delhi:

Akshardham Metro Station is located near several popular places in Delhi/NCR. The following is a list of these places and their distance from the station:

  • Sundar Nagar Nursery: 9.1 km
  • Lotus Temple: 10 km
  • India Gate: 8.8 km
  • Jama Masjid: 8.7 km
  • Waste to Wonder Theme Park: 4.5 km

Restaurants & Cafes Near Akshardham Metro Station:

Here is a list of restaurants and cafes located near Delhi Akshardham Metro Station and their distance from the station:

  • Dominos Pizza – Pandav Nagar: around 600 meters
  • Haryana Sweets & Restaurant: less than 400 meters
  • Divyansh Fast Food: Patparganj Road: less than 800 meters
  • Haryana Dhaba: Narwana Road: approximately 900 meters
  • Just Veg Restaurant: around 800 meters
  • True Blue Classroom Resto Lounge Bar: Patparganj Road: around 700 meters
  • Jain Tea Shop: around half a kilometer
  • Wah ji Wah: approximately 700 meters
  • Sarabjeet Di Hatti: less than a kilometre
  • World of Idli’s: around 700 meters
  • Mantoo’s Café: less than 500 meters
  • Sagar Ratna: Around 700 meters
  • Om Ice Cream Parlour: Around 700 meters
  • Kathi Junction: Less than a kilometer
  • Aggarwal Bikaner Sweet: 1 km
  • Aka Saka: 1.1 km
  • Aamantran Bangla: 1 km
  • Angels in My Kitchen: 1.1 km

Akshardham Metro Station: Nearby Residential Societies

The Akshardham Metro Station, located in the capital of India, New Delhi, is home to various residential flats. Let’s look closely at a few of them and their distance from the station.

The Emaar Project Commonwealth Games Village, just two kilometers away, provides premium 3, 4, and 5 BHK flats in 34 towers. These 1168 units were completed in February 2012.

Moving on, Tarang Apartments are ready to move in 2 and 3 BHK flats completed in February 2001. This residential society consists of 9 towers and a total of 175 units, located 3.2 kilometers from Akshardham Metro Station, this complex is situated in an ideal spot.

In IP Extention, the Ashirwad Apartments consist of 110 ready-to-move-in units spread across 1 acre. With the metro station only 5.8 kilometers away, it provides a great home for those living or commuting around Delhi.

Lastly, Mayfair Apartments, a total of 90 ready-to-move-in units, have 8 towers. Located 6 kilometers from the Akshardham Metro Station, it’s perfect for those looking for an area slightly farther away from the hustle and bustle of Delhi.

Each of these complexes has something unique to offer, ranging from their style and design to the amenities that they provide. So it’s worth a look if you’re planning on getting a flat in the vicinity of Akshardham Metro Station.

Akshardham Metro Station: Nearby Commercial Complexes

Several commercial complexes are located near Delhi Akshardham Metro Station, where one can buy or rent office spaces, retail stores, and spaces for commercial use. The followings are some of these complexes and their distance from the station:

  • Rishabh IPEX, Patparganj: 7.9 km
  • Tyagi Complex: 6.7 km
  • Mayur Vihar Phase II Shopping Complex: 5.2 km

Parking Space At Akshardham Metro Station

The Delhi Akshardham Metro Station is a convenient transportation hub with its exclusive paid parking lot. This parking lot can handle a large capacity of vehicles simultaneously, and it is efficiently managed with designated parking places for two-wheelers and four-wheelers. Furthermore, the charges vary based on the time the vehicle is left on the lot and the type of vehicle it is.

If you want to access the parking lot near the metro station, the most efficient way is to exit through gate 2. A secure and quick entrance leads right to the paid parking lot. Once there, the drivers can park their vehicles and leave for however long they require without worry.


The Akshardham Metro Station is renowned for its impeccable design and neatness. This remarkable metro station has provided efficient and hassle-free transportation to commuters for the last decade.

Moreover, it offers additional convenience to travelers as several restaurants, ATMs, and other facilities are present. With a short distance of merely 350 meters between the metro station and the Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple, visitors can easily explore this sacred site with the utmost ease.

Therefore, it can be said that the Akshardham Metro Station has provided visitors with a convenient and comfortable way to access the temple and make their visit even more pleasurable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the tourist attractions near Akshardham Metro Station, Delhi, and how can I reach them?

Akshardham Metro Station is located near Akshardham Temple, a major tourist attraction in Delhi. Visitors can also visit nearby attractions like the Yamuna Bank and the Commonwealth Games Village. These places can be easily reached by taking a short metro ride from Akshardham Metro Station.

Is there a facility to keep my luggage at Akshardham Metro Station, Delhi, and what is the charge for it?

Yes, Akshardham Metro Station has a facility to keep your luggage. The station has a cloakroom service for passengers to store their luggage safely. The charge for this service varies depending on the size and weight of the luggage and the duration for which it needs to be stored.

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