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Benefit Analysis of Patna Metro

Benefits of Patna Metro
Benefits of Patna Metro

Benefit Analysis of Patna Metro: The growing demand for public transport in mega cities has serious effects on urban ecosystems, especially due to the increased atmospheric pollution and changes in land use patterns. An ecologically sustainable urban transport system could be obtained by an appropriate mix of alternative modes of transport resulting in the use of environmentally friendly fuels and land use patterns. The introduction of CNG in certain vehicles and switching of some portion of the transport demand to the metro rail have resulted in a significant reduction of atmospheric pollution in Patna.

What benefit will Patna Metro give to people?

The Patna Metro provides multiple benefits: Reduction in air pollution, time saving to passengers, reduction in accidents, reduction in traffic congestion and fuel savings.

Benefits of Patna Metro

There are incremental benefits and costs to a number of economic agents: government, private transporters, passengers, general public and unskilled labour. The social cost-benefit analysis of Patna Metro done in this paper tries to measure all these benefits and costs from Phase I and Phase II projects covering a total distance of 42 kms in Patna. Estimates of the social benefits and costs of the project are obtained using the recently estimated shadow prices of investment, foreign exchange and unskilled labour as well as the social time preference rate for the Indian economy for a study commissioned by the Planning Commission, Government of India and done at the Institute of Economic Growth.

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